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Very Nervous Girl (Looking for Advice)

I have had my three girls for a week now, and I'm getting a little bit worried about my girl, Sonata. She is the smallest of the three, just about an inch long excluding her tail. She is about 2.5-3 months old, I have assumed. She seems to be very nervous and hasn't really settled down yet, while the other two are doing just fine and seem very comfortable.

Since day one, I have only seen her a few times without stress stripes. When I get close to the tank, she backs away from the front of the tank. If I move too fast near her tank, she darts behind the plants. When I feed her, she grabs the food and swims away with it before eating it, and only a day or two ago was I able to get her to eat more than one pellet. She looked thin to me compared to the others, so I'm glad she is eating a little more now. But she still seems nervous about eating. She has already had two bouts of problems with her swim bladder, I assume they were stress related. She does build small bubble nests, though I know this doesn't really say that she is happy.

I'm not really sure whats stressing her out, or if she just needs extra time to get used to her new home. I would really like to make her as comfortable as possible. She is in a 2 gallon critter tote tank with a heater keeping her water at 80 degrees. She has several plants and a small ceramic pot "cave" to hide in, as well as a few rocks. She is also able to see my other girl Alice, who has the same setup in a tank next to her. However, Alice doesn't seem to pay attention to her at all and I have never once seen her flare. I'm not sure if just being able to see her is stressing out Sonata.

What do you think could be up with her? Just getting used to new surroundings or something else? I just want to make sure she's comfortable. I've already had a lot of worrying about her from her two mild swim bladder problems. Her color looks good when she doesn't have her stripes, healthy fins, bright alert eyes, swims actively. She eats two Omega One Pellets a day right now.

Any suggestions to make her more comfortable are really appreciated.
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She's just getting used to her new home. I've had two females like that, who took about 2 weeks to really settle down. They always had stress stripes, and when they didn't, as soon as I would make a move they would get stress stripes again. She should be fine pretty soon and get used to her new home.
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Sometimes you will get some that are extra shy - little human interaction at the farms. As long as she has places to go to in order to hide she will eventually get used to you and relax.
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Give her a chance and she'll settle down!

Good luck!!
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Thank you guys :)
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