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Talking Heater?

Okay guys, so I've had my Betta for about 6 years now.

The Petstore told me I didn't need a heater..

I have recently found out they do! (Please don't judge that I just BARELY found out)

Anyway, I want to get this heater:

It has good reviews too!

Also, how do I do the temp? I know they need 80 degrees, but I don't wanna freak him out, just by setting it to 80 degrees all at once..So how should I do it?

Also does anyone else have this heater?
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Depends on the temperature your tank is now. Make sure it's very close to 80 before you add the heater in because it is not adjustable. For example, if it's at 74 and you add the heater, it will quickly go up to 80 and hurt the fish. Try bringing it to 78 and then add the heater.
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Get an adjustable heater. Hydor Theos are lovely.

Then, bring the tank up about a degree an hour, with no more than about five degrees per day. Give some time to adjust, and monitor closely. If you see any signs of stress, stop increasing.
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Old 07-16-2013, 06:27 AM   #4 
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It says that it is programmed to reach and maintain a set temperature, but it never tells you what temperature that is. I feel that 8 watt heaters are pretty cheap quality. They are not adjustable and in my experience (I had an 8 watt of a different brand), it will only bring the water a couple degrees above room temp, so during winter it will simply not do. I currently have two of these:

much better than the 8watt and only a couple more dollars. If you want to use the one I recommended, the tank must be 2-10gals, it could potentially overheat something smaller than 2gal.
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To me, personally I like heaters that I can adjust outside of the tank, such as catalinas >
I have a few of those.
You need a thermometer for checking temperatures. Check reviews too before you buy, some are bad and off by 2-4 degrees.
To adjust him to temperature, you need to set up the tank, put in heater, set temperature to desire. After temperature is set and stable, with a small cup or tank or bag with fish in there, let it sit in tank for til they are similar in temperature. If you don't know, 30min-1hour is usually sufficient for me. And that's about it. Good luck. :)
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