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Opae Ula Ecosphere (Aquarium shrimp) - No water change, No feeding (MA, USA)

Pick up only, I do not know how to ship this. Located in Boston, MA.

Selling 3 Opae Ula Ecosphere that I put together from my existing ecosphere that was over populated with Opae Ula Shrimps. $40 each (They retail for 65)

Opae ula shrimps, or Halocaridina Rubra, or Hawaiian Super Volcano Shrimp are amazing creatures that thrived in the most extremes of conditions in their natural habitat, making them perfect for ecospheres. They can live in full fresh water, brackish, or full saltwater. They tend to breed best in brackish, the three ecosphere in question has the salinity of 1.011. They have a life span of over 20 years

These Ecospheres requires little to no maintainence. Does not need water change, because the shrimps have relatively low bioload, and all ammonia and waste are used up as plant fertilizer for the live plants inside the ecosphere. The plants will in turn produce oxygen for the shrimps. They do not need to be fed. They live mainly on biofilm and algae (exactly as they do in their natural habitat).

The Ecosphere is an air tight jar, you can opt to keep the jar close, but i would recommend leaving the top ajar to allow for air exchange to extend their life expectancy. If you do leave the jar open, top off the jar every few days with aged or dechlorinated water to the ribbon/black line. You must provide the ecosphere with 7-8 hours of artificial lighting (a desk light would be fine, even better if you use a 6500k clf bulb) or indirect sunlight (near window but not in direct sunlight) to allow for algae and plant growth.

There are optional things you can do for the ecosphere. While they do not need to be fed, you can opt to feed them once or twice a MONTH with a TINY ( again i stress TINY, like one pellet) bit amount of fish food. You must remove uneaten food within 3-4 hours to avoid polluting the water. While they do not need water changes, to optimize their health, you can change their water once or twice a year using dechlorinated water or distill water mixed with sea salt (do not use normal table salt) to the specific gravity of 1.011. You can trim the live plants if you feel the need.

Each ecosphere will come with:
- Air tight jar
- Removable ribbon to mark water line (there is a black line drawn with a sharpie under it if you decide to remove it)
- Substrate - Sand in 2, fluorite in 1
- Decoration - Crypto wentii "green", Java moss rock (newly tied, but will grow bushy after a while), River Rock, ball of green hair aglae for the shrimps to graze on. (All plants has been acclimated to brackish, the crypto has finish melting and its growing back the leaves after the change in water salinity)
- 5 Opae ula shrimps - mix genders, ranges of colors from red, pink, orange, to white.

The pictures are of the exact ecospheres. First come first serve.

Thank you. Please pm me for information.
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