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Internal Parasites?

Okay, so I noticed things swimming around in my tank and my female betta was pooping out something supicious. I have come to the conclusion that my tank is infected with internal parasites. It's a 3 way divided 10g tank. What can I buy from walmart to treat it?

BTW, I'm on a DSi, so can someone post the form I'm supposed to fill out? And I can't post pics cause of my DSi.

Oh, the parasites are long and thin, they're transparent.

Help please, I'm going crazy over here. I can get the meds tomorrow when I get the plants I'm getting for my tank.
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If they're internal parasites you wouldn't see them. Are the things you're seeing in your tank like teeny tiny worms?

Here are the basic questions that get asked:
Tank Size?
Tank age (how long has it been set up)?
Water Temp?
Tank mates; what kind & how many of each?
Brand of food(s), type, how much & how often fed?
Water change schedule?
How much water is changed?
When was the last water change & how much water was changed?
Brand of water conditioner?
Do you add anything other than water conditioner to the water; if so what?
Water test results for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & Ph?
Treatments already given?
Describe current appearance & behavior of fish.
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Location: Illinois
They're long, thim and transparent, that's the best I can describe them. Azure passed away this morning though. I took the entire tank apart and rinsed everything out with hot water. I'm going to give my remaining betta fish garlic clove in an attempt to flush out anything bad. My walmart does not have any anti parasite medicine (I looked).

I tried filling it out but halfway through my DSi wouldn't let me type because there's a limit on it. >:( Tomorrow I'll fil it out then cause it's either Dad's or the library.
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Old 08-06-2013, 06:41 PM   #4 
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don't cross contaminate anything between sick tank and other bettas.
so how are your bettas doing?
It better when fish is eating so they can pass the parasites with their poo. And you also can use Epsom salt which works as a laxative and will also help to purge the parasites out. But you do need medications. Are you currently treating them with medication?
Also how much and how often you do water changes for your 10 gall tank?
And for your small tanks how much water changes your do for
1.5 gall
2.5 gall
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Hi DreamerHorse. Can you describe the suspicious looking poo? And how is her behavior? Can you describe the "little things" swimming around in your tank?

The two are completely unrelated but if my guess is right, the little things swimming are probably either planaria (little white worm-like things) or scuds (tiny crustaceans). Both show up in tanks when there is a lot of organic waste for them to feed on. This can happen if the water isn't changed frequently enough or if you happen to be overfeeding.
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