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Talking Now the proud owner of Bill!!

Thanks to all of you here on the forums, I am now the proud owner of Bill, the Crowntailed Betta!
He has a forest green head and a majority of his body is forest green. His tail and fins are a red/turquoise combo with a small bit of turquoise in a stripe on his body. He isn't in the best of health and he's in a measly one gallon drum with very little gravel and no decor. My mum freaked and wouldn't let me finish deciding on the fish so I went with the first healthiest one I saw out of the six I set aside to further examine. He had no fecual matter in his container and looks a little bloated. I also think he has mild fin rot and maybe a touch of ich. I'm not sure about the ich, though.. I'll need you all's help to decide if he has ich. near the base of the first fins near his head on the bottom of him, and the base of the fins near his gills on the side of him is a white spot. He may have a bit of velvet amoung the base of this large lower fin as well. He is a bit bloated, but not as bad as the others were.I bought him color-enhancing pellets (the only ones they had) and freeze-dried bloodworms.
How do I give him the bloodworms? Just put a couple in once a week when my Tiger Oscar, Poe gets his frozen bloodworms? Will his mild fin rot clear on its own in a clean and prospering tank? He's very petite. One of the smallest in the store, I'd say. I was almost afraid he was a female. xD His fins are much too large for him to be a female, though. None of them had bubble-nests going. I almost bought a grey veiltail but I really wanted my crown. There is VERY little gravel in his tank, but I plan on adding smooth stones soon. There is no light, and my other tanks are at about 78 degrees farenheit right now and only one has a heater so he'll be fine heat-wise. I put 4 pellets of food in there, but he's all flared and stayinf towards the bottom/lower middle of the tank other than to come up for water. He's next to my other one gallon with my common goldfish, Montgomery in it. Will this cause an issue? I'd also like to know if my Bill here will grow. Is he still juvinile and that's why he's so petite? He's a little larger than a female but that's it.. Thanks for all your help! I plan on getting more soon.. -devious smile-
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And the lighting, I'm afraid, is a small flashlight proped up to shine in the tank from the side..
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hmm, I'll need a picture to help u diagnose the disease. 4 pellets is too many for even a large betta, I would give him a bit of time to get used to his new home and then put in 2 bloodworms, I use something to hold the bloodworms in so the never touch my hand tho cuz they can cause alergic reactions to people, and they are gross! lol! It doesn't really matter if there isn't much gravel in his tank, it as sometimes good not to have very much when treating an ill betta. Betta-fix should help tears in fins and fin-rot and you can get it pretty cheap at almost any pet/fish store. As for the goldfish, it won't matter to the betta I don't think, BUT goldfish grow huge, and a full grown fancy goldfish needs 20g of water. A full grown koi (common goldfish) will do best in a pond, but a 55g is sufficiant enough. Your betta will prly grow a bit more! He should be fine in a 1g, but would be happiest in a 2.5 gallon or larger tank/bowl! :) Hope I helped!
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Okay, thank you. I put a piece of computer paper behing his bowl because he wouldn't stop flaring at my messy dreser. I don't think he could see through to the mirror, but he's alread stressed enough and it helped calm him a bit. He started sitting at the surface yesterday before I left and I haven't seen him yet this morning. (I'm at my fathers.) I'll post an update when I get home but I won't be able to post pics right away.
I fed him four because the people said they hadn't fed him in a week because he looked bloated (as if they care! the other fish that looked like they had MARBLES in their tummys had food in their container!) and I didnt think he was going to eat but he ate two and i put a bloodworm in there.
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