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Old 07-14-2013, 10:14 PM   #1 
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Exclamation 2 females fighting already!

I've had a crowntail female, Diva for a few months now, an today, I got Saya, the female veiltail. I find realize it when I bought her, but Saya is a little bigger than Diva. So once the two got used to their TEN-GALLON tank complete with 4 plastic plants (two of which are huge. The woman at petco who helped me also has bettas and suggested I get a lot of plants since they didn't have dividers for ten-gallons. It's supposed to distract them from each other) and a life-sized plastic skull cave for them to hide in and an exercises mirror for them to beat up instead of each other, they both decided that they prefer the side with the heater. So Saya chased Diva around the tank, and when I came in my room to go to bed, Diva had a white stress-induced streak on her side. So, I did wht I read online and put Saya in a timeout tank for the night. Is there any way I can make a homemade divider tomorrow? We had to drove about 45 minutes to petco, so we're kind of in the middle of nowhere...
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I thought you were supposed to put 4 females minimum in a tank together?
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+1 to bailmint. You can't put just two females together, it's like putting two males together. They will just fight and try to harm one another. You need a minimum of four females to start a sorority and the more the better. Mine were still too aggressive when there were four and even five of them. The sixth is acclimating in a breeder box right now, and I plan on my final number being 8.

You can keep one girl in the breeder box for a few days until you can either get a divider or get one made. I personally don't know how to make them, but I know a lot of forum, members here make their own and can probably help you.

Best of luck! Hope the girls are okay. Stress coat will help heal damaged fins. Works like a charm in my sorority!
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Old 07-15-2013, 12:31 AM   #4 
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Ditto to what was said already - you should have at least 4 because they will form a pack (like wolves) where one will become the alpha female. If there are only 2 or 3, the alpha is always going to pick on the other one. The more you have - the more the agression is spread out among them, instead of the same one or two always getting picked on.

Also you need to have ALOT of coverage in the tank. The less they see each other, the less they fight and its easier for the one being picked on to escape.

Here is my 20G for the ladies before I went with live plants

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If you only want the 2 females, you can make your own divider and divide the tank so they cant fight with each other
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