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male and female, keeping them separate

We bought 2 bettas male and female. We have them in a one gallon tank, with a divider. They seem to like each other, but I dont want either to be stressed. Is it okay to keep them separate but next to one another?
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Yes, but I suggest at least a 5g divided. Is the tank heated? Betta's are tropical fish & need to be kept in water temps of 78-80F. In a 1/2g volume of water you will need to do daily 100% water changes to keep the fish healthy.
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I would say try to get something a bit bigger, especially since with two fish in a small tank you'll have to do big water changes. And you need room for a heater as well.

You should always buy the biggest tank you can afford that you have room for, even a 3 gallon divided would be better if you also had a heater in there. A one gallon is kinda small for two Bettas so ammonia will build up quickly and there's no much room for anything else but the fish. I would definitely upgrade to the biggest sized tank that's reasonable for your situation.
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Originally Posted by lissalawrence View Post
We bought 2 bettas ...We have them in a one gallon tank, with a divider...
I have single bettas in 1 gallon tanks and I can tell you that is a minimum. And it's a lot of work keeping them clean. You have to do a 100% water change weekly.

That's about 10 minutes per tank, once you have a system down.

Here's a vid of what it involves:
Uncycled Betta Tank - YouTube
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