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Last Questions.......

Okay, last few questions I need.

What does "cycling the tank" mean? Why is it bad for the fish?

I was at Target today, and saw some food called TetraBetta, pellets, would those work??? It said they were good for betta.

Fluorescent or natural light?

1 gallon tank for one fishy good?? I think so, because the tank says it's good for bettas.

4 days until fishy hunting!!!
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Cycling is not bad for the fish at all. This is when you let the tank sit for a week to let bacteria grow. Also everything else looks good. GOOD LUCK!
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Cycling a tank is giving the tank good bacteria that is necessary for most fish to survive. Most people on this forum do fishless cycling Fishless Cycling - Article at The Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish here is some info on it. This will not harm the fish! If you don't have a filter, you don't need to worry about cycling cuz a tank can't cycle without a filter. Cycling a tank while a fish is in it is bad because ammonia and nitrates (poisenous to fish) build up in the tank and harm the fish, most fish can't survive this, but a few like zebra danios, mollies, goldfish, and bettas usually can. Its not reccomended tho. However, you need to cycle a tank for most fish, so just do it with out fishies! :) Tetra Betta pellets will work great! 2-3 twice a da is perfect! 1g is really not that great, altho some people do keep their bettas in that, it is easier to have happier healthier bettas in atleast 2.5g of water. Heated, filtered, and cycled is best, but you don't have to do all that. If you are planning on cycling a tank, you will have to wait about 4 weeks to get the fish. Many tanks that are only a quart say they are good for bettas, but really like I said bettas do best in larger tanks. My smallest betta tank is 4 gallons. All but one of my fish tanks are cycled, and that is because filters scare one of my bettas, and he gets all stressed with them. I have never had a betta live less than 4 years, so I think that I have given you an ok idea of how to set up a betta tank. They are alot more work than it seems like!
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Pfft. Never believe advertising on any product because it says it's 'good for something.' If it said it wasn't suitable, you wouldn't buy it would you? There are tons of things advertised out there as 'good for bettas' that aren't. It's all about profit, not about the actual well-being of your fish. Always do your research before buying a product - in the case of betta foods, check the back label for the ingredients and see for yourself.

Floursecent is better than sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause tank temperature fluctuations that can cook your fish if you aren't careful, and is much more likely to cause an algae bloom (think brown and green fuzz all over your tank, sounds wonderful no?) that will need to be scrubbed out, which generally involves a complete tank tear down to get it all.

VeganChick already provided you an excellent link about cycling a tank, however as she also says, you can't cycle a tank that way with a fish in it, and doing a cycle with the fish in the tank is not really recommended because it stresses the fish and can kill it if you aren't careful. Also, you probably can't cycle a 1 gallon. It's too small to keep a stable colony going. Any extreme temp change or sunlight exposure in a tank so small will often kill off your bacteria colony, or cause an algae bloom. I don't recomend getting a 1 gallon tank for your fish. Just because it's been done doesn't mean it's the best choice out there. Get a 2.5 gallon or larger, they aren't that expensive, and they don't take up that much room.
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If your gonna use a 1 gallon tank then be prepared to do partial water changes every other day preferable,
You might as well forget about cycling a 1 gallon tank, Its to unstable, may stay cycled for awhile and then it just looses it..... Best to just stick with the water changes with 1 gallon tanks.
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Well, I asked about a one-gallon because I already have a one gallon. I won it at a basket raffle a few days ago. Thanks for everything!!
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Good luck!
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