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1 male
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2 males, soon to be 3 :D
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Only one male right now, and since I am broke and jobless, it will have to stay that way for a while! My husband will probably pitch a fit if I try to get any more anyway. He says Fighty gets more love and attention than he does, hehe!
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1 male
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ATM, zero. Plenty of experience with them, though.

And I'm not a freshie anymore.
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I currently have seven.

Jack is my oldest fish, I've had him since last August, he's a blue VT. We had a horrible ice storm here in January and he and two others were the only remaining fish I had to survive. I know it's not right, but I was so glad he wasn't one of the ones to have died, although he nearly did, five days in a cold tank, finally I put him in a small betta bowl and took him with me to where I was staying, him and the other two boys.

Apollo is a yellow VT and one of the survivors of the ice storm. I had just bought him the day before the storm and he was in a 5 gallon tank that is currently sitting in my bathroom. I came home after a few days to fish out all the dead ones from my tanks and was shocked to find him barely alive. I grabbed Jack and another male and was putting Apollo into a betta bowl when he suddenly went limp. I thought he had died and I was in a rush so I just left him in the small betta bowl thinking he was no longer with us. I came back the next day to feed my cat and was surprised to see him swimming around in his tiny bowl. I quickly grabbed him up and took him with me to get some heat.

Valentine is a beautiful deep red VT. I bought him at PetCo on the same day that I got Apollo. I was only going to get him when I found Apollo at my LFS and had been searching for a yellow one so in short, I brought two home that afternoon. I didn't have a tank set up for two fish so Valentine stayed in his little betta bowl during the ice storm and the power outtage. He was doing okay so I brought him and Jack with me when I was rescuing fish.

Dizzle is a really stunning white half moon. I got him after the ice storm to somewhat replace the silver VT that I had lost due to cold tanks. Helo was one of my favorites and I hated that he died, but when I saw Dizzle at PetCo, I just had to have him, plus I had a coupon so he only ended up costing me two dollars.

Moony is another really beautiful fish. He's a purple half moon with subtle red coloring closer to his body. When he flares out he reminds me of a flower. He was another impulse buy at PetCo, but I just had to have him. He's currently swimming around my 55 gallon tank thinking he's king of the world.

Sapphire is my blue/gray female. I bought her and another female on the same day but the second little girl didn't make it. She has been in a community tank so I might end up taking her to work and putting her into our community tank up there. She seems lonely all by herself.

RuPaul is my mystery betta. I was at WalMart in another town driving through and stopped to pick up something before heading home. Of course I had to swing through the fish section after hearing the horror stories about that place and sure enough, it was pretty bad. I found RuPaul sitting in a display of betta bowls in brown murky water. All the other bettas around him/her were dead so I felt like I had to rescue this one. I noted short fins and it was sold to me as a female betta. I got him/her home and while in fresh water in a betta bowl I started to notice a bubble nest. I snapped a few shots and was told on another forum that my girl was in fact a short finned male, a common mistake by the wonderful folks at WalMart apparently. I honestly had no need for another male, but you do what you have to do.

Basically after the ice storm I was wanting only four males. I bought a 20 gallon long and had dividers put into place and was all set to start my little tank, but somehow I ended up with six males so that plan has somewhat went bad. Currently Sapphire, RuPaul, Valentine, and Apollo are into the divided tank, with Dizzle in a 5.5 tank, Jack in a 2.5, and Moony enjoying the 55 gallon alongside some cories.
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