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Help, Herbie is dying?

I don't know much about bettas, just what I've been reading on this forum. I've taken over care of Herbie for friend (she only had him for few months), I've had him for maybe 4 months and seems to have been doing fine, now he lays on the bottom of bowl all the time, only comes up for air and hasn't eaten in almost 2 wks. I change 1 gal tank weekly, no heater, and don't know anything about ph, nitrites, nitrates etc., he doesn't look sick but has lost a lot of color since I've had him (was pretty dark blue now, pale blue) I know his water temp is way colder than should be but, he seems to have adapted to it and was eating and swimming around plenty 'til couple of weeks ago. what to do???
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He is probably either suffering from poor water conditions or he is finally succumbing to the cold. Betta's are hardy, and can handle a temp. a little below their normal range for a short period of time, but not forever. He has probably been becoming weaker this whole time, and is just getting to the point now where it is physically obvious. Get a heater and keep his water 78-82 and he should perk back up.
If he's only in a 1 gallon (which is small, move him to a bigger tank if you can) then you need to be doing 50% water changes twice a week, at least. Dirty water will have high ammonia levels, and is toxic to your betta.

Also, are you using a water conditioner on the water you are putting in the tank? If not then your problem could also be the chlorine in the water, which is also something that is harmful to your fish and will make them ill... and eventually kill them.
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Do you know what the actual temp of the water is? Bettas do not do well in water below 78 degrees. If it was my fish (and it's not) the first thing I would do is get the water temp up to 80, which require you to purchase a heater and a thermometer. What size of a "bowl" is he being kept in?

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