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How to move betta to a new tank with different pH?

Hello. I need advice and have 2 questions:

Long story short, I bought a new tank for my betta. The current tank is a failure for a lot of reasons, one of them being that it has bad gravel that raises the pH by a lot.

1. How do I safely transport him into his new tank that will have a way better (lower) pH? Do I put him in a little container and over the course of 15-20 minutes put some of the new water in? Or is there another way?

2. How long should I have the new tank running before I put him in? It will have a filter and I'm not sure how to cycle a betta tank where he will be the only occupant...Or I'm not sure if I should cycle it with him in it.

This will be his third home in 2 months (fourth if you consider the cup he came in)! This will hopefully be his final home. It is a beautiful 5 gallon tank that has a bio wheel and filter that I found on sale at amazon. It hasn't come in the mail yet so I'm pre-planning. His current tank is a 3 gallon with a bad filter and dirty gravel. I have to do 50% water changes EVERYDAY to keep the ammonia down. It's a pain in the butt to clean and my cats like to jump on top of it for some reason (which scares him). They will not be able to jump onto this new tank and it will be a much better tank for a million reasons!

I thank you in advance for any advice you have!
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Flyby Stardancer
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I would transfer the filter media to the new tank's filter and use it to seed the tank while he's in the new tank. A larger, cleaner tank would surely make him happier, even if it is cycling!

As far acclimating him, I would put him in a cup a bit under half-full of his old water, and then drip-acclimate him. Take some airline tubing, put one of those control valves at the end, and pull a siphon from the new tank. Then dial it way down so that there's a drop every five or six seconds, and have it drop into his cup. Be sure to secure the airline tubing somehow (I weighed mine down with the lids, both the whole lid on one, and the food access panel on the other).

The goal is for the cup to be filled in about 1.5-2 hours, then you can release him in the new tank, being sure not to let any of the water in the cup get into the tank.
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Ive never had any problems with the drop them straight in method lol.
But yeah def get that filter media into the new tank to seed it
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Thanks for the tips!
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