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Question Couple of Questions

I just have two questions:

>How many pellets should a betta be fed? I've been currently feeding my two boys 5 pellets a day (two in the morning, three in the afternoon). Is this too many, too little, or in the right range?
>What is the difference between water conditioner, Tetra's Betta Safe, & Stress Coat? As far as I can tell, they only differ slightly, but otherwise do the same thing. I'm just curious to know if there's really a difference or not.

Thank you for your time!
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The amount of pellets you're feeding sounds good (as long as they're not those tiny little pellets....I forget which brand they are at the moment, sorry!). Most people also do one "fasting" day a week, where they don't feed anything (to kinda clear out the betta's system).

Personally, I don't think there's any real difference between most water conditioners. Many people on the forum prefer Prime (which is certainly not my favorite....I hate the smell, for one
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Ha! Someone else from IL! Hey there! xD

Anywho, I agree about the pellets. Sounds like a good amount. Usually for a normal-sized, healthy adult male(as females can tend to be smaller, but thats not always the case!)about 2-3 pellets twice sounds about right. With a smaller-sized formula, like New Life Spectrum, you could get away with 2-4 probably, but I'd say 2-3 is a good general rule to stick with with most pellet brands and most bettas. ;)

As far as the conditioner goes...for just general conditioner, plain old Seachem Prime is the best stuff. Its going to remove just about everything potentially harmful in the water, including heavy metals(which if I recall correctly most other conditioner brands don't address) and it will also detoxify ammonia(again something most other conditioner brands don't do)for I believe 24-48 hours which can be very helpful if you're going through a fish-in cycle or if you have a bit of ammonia in your tap water. The big thing about Prime for me is though, besides the quality, is that its also more concentrated, meaning you need less of it to treat the same amount of water as other brands, meaning you use less and need to buy less of it over time.
It does have a bit of a smell, but that disappears once its in the water and so long as you keep it capped when you're not using it personally I've never had much of a problem with it. Its really some pretty good stuff, worth the momentary smell if you ask me.

From my understanding, TetraAqua isn't a horrible conditioner(nothing in particular makes the BettaSafe any different from the regular stuff as far as I know....just a marketing ploy)but its not really as concentrated as'd be using and buying lots more of it.
Stress-coat does condition the water as well I think, though personally I wouldn't trust it as a sole conditioner. Mainly its a good additive for stressed, sick, or healing fish to help promote a healthy slime coat, supposedly reduce stress and promote healing. I've never personally used it myself, but I've read about other members having used it with good results.

Hope this helps some!
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Flyby Stardancer
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Originally Posted by Catw0man View Post
Many people on the forum prefer Prime (which is certainly not my favorite....I hate the smell, for one
Yeah, it smells bad when you open the bottle, but I can't smell it at all once I've added it to the water. And since I use a smaller dropper bottle to actually dispense from, that cuts down on the smell a lot too!
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*waves at DragonFish*

Thanks for all the help everyone! Guess I should have said with the food it's Omega One Betta Buffet pellets.

That really helps with the difference question since I was wondering if I should just stick with Stress Coat or buy more of the BettaSafe I'd been using before. (Since I'm changing the water so much right now I bought the stress coat.) I will probably buy more of the BettaSafe tomorrow when I head out to get some things from various stores.
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