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Old 07-19-2013, 11:18 PM   #1 
Join Date: Feb 2013
Heating, and heaters????

( so before I start asking my question I will be explaining my self . So yes I'm am as some very rude people have said I rude betta killer, who owns a 1 gallon tank. And I'm sorry but I really am trying to do what I can I'm only 14 , can't drive , and have a mom that won't let me get anything bigger at the time, I'm trying to talk her into something bigger but I don't know how much bigger shell go. So yes I'm sorry I have my beautiful betta in a one gallon but its all I can do for please no rude comments about what a horrible person I am would be greatly appreciated) so anyway I have a one gallon with my little boy chandler ( by the way I'm a newer betta owner) and he has been pretty good . And when I was researching I came across a couple of answered on this. Should you heat a one gallon tank and I'm still trying to figure that out. So far my betta has been fine. But I think the warmth would make him happier. So what do you think should I heat my one gallon? As well what kind of heater, I know there are heaters for one gallon, but what does anyone think about and under tank heater, kind of like the ones for reptiles, I've herd of people using them with success. But I wasn't so sure. So let me know what you think
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You should heat the water, even though its only 1 gallon, it still needs to stay warm.
I've used heaters like this one in 1 gallons in the past, and had no troubles. I've never tried an under tank heater though, so I dunno about those.
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Ya I've been looking at heaters similar to that so when I can get my mom to take me I will get one hopfully soon
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Old 07-20-2013, 06:37 AM   #4 
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In a 1g I use a Hydor slim heater like this
So long as you're doing proper tank maintenance a 1g works.
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Old 07-20-2013, 07:34 AM   #5 
karenluvsbettas623's Avatar
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All of those mini 7.5 watt heaters are pretty weak and I don't recommend them. There are different brands, if you read the box, some of them say that it is "preset" to maintain a temperature but they never mention what the temperature is. The hydor says that it "Safely increases water temperature by a few degrees". So in the winter time, when you leave the house unheated while out, and it turns 65-70 degrees, it might raise it by only a few degrees which is not enough. Bettas can do well in range of 76-80 degrees but anything below is not that great.

The smallest tetra heater is preset to 78 degrees, so you know what temperature it is going to maintain even when room temp gets really cold. It is 50 watts instead of 7.5 watts. You can use it in 2-10 galons, so if you ever upgrade bigger, you can keep using it. It is only a couple of dollars more.

the problem is, that you would need a 2gal tank or more. My suggestion is you wait until you upgrade your tank. I don't know how the weather is where you live, for example for me, I live in California and the room temperature keeps the water at 78 so I don't use heaters. You are really going to need a good heater for the winter when it gets cold and the 7.5 watts won't do (unless you heat your house REALLY well ALL the time). You can get a 2gal tank at walmart for 20 dollars, or look at craigslist they might have cheap used ones. If you want to be really practical like me, I keep some of mine in clear storage containers that are 5gal, they cost me 6 bucks, with gravel and decorations it doesn't look half bad. and they don't take that much space. So my suggestion is that you wait for a new bigger tank IF the temperature is good enough for now.

There is nothing wrong with a 1gallon, at least you are trying. Most bettas land in the hands of people who will never even bother to do any research and end up living only a few days or weeks.
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Old 07-20-2013, 07:43 AM   #6 
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There is nothing wrong with a one gallon as long as your fish is taken care of and you do regular water changes :)

Do not forget to get a thermometer for your tank! I would say its even more important than a heater. You need to know the temperature of the water at all times. And if your water temperature is pretty stable, you may not need a heater right now, though its recommended. You just have to be very careful with heating very small tanks.

It may be worth it to tell your mom that a slightly bigger tank, even a gallon or two more, is actually easier to maintain and will hold a more stable temperature/be easier to heat.

I have my three girls in 2 gallons, and the maintenance is very easy. I'm waiting on a heater for one of them, but the unheated one is staying at 80 degrees on its own right now. The heated ones stay around 80-82. Although my room is pretty warm because the AC doesn't reach it, so my tanks all stay pretty warm.
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