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Old 07-20-2013, 10:05 PM   #1 
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Pet store betta

I work in a pet store. It is a small local chain. It is the reason I got into bettas in the first place. I work in two different locations, one is small and the only fish we have there are a few bettas. Usually anywhere between 1 and 10. So those bettas get pretty good care. we change their water a few times a week, we give them food almost every day, if not every day.

The other store I work at has a whole fish department. They also have pretty knowledgeable fish department employees. They sometimes have as many as 100 bettas when a fresh shipment comes in.

They do not change the water in those cups as frequently. nor do they feed them half so frequently.

The other day i was ringing up a kids betta that had severe stress stripes. I couldnt help but comment on it out loud. Then quickly told the kid how those should disappear after being in a nice spacious happy tank.

So after that I went and checked on the other bettas.

Most of them were doing fine. Except for 2 seriously clamped little guys. I pointed it out to another betta fan who works there, but not in the fish department. She later sent me a picture of them each in their own gigantic fish tank.

the red one started perking up a little the next day (today) and was getting his color back, though he was still clamped. But the other one kept acting near death. So i decided to bring him home to see if i could get him healthy and happy again.

Hopefully I will be able to add to this thread with pictures of him being a happy little vt
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It's nice to see that you are trying your best to bring him back. Pet stores need more people like you. Hope he makes a full recovery.
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Location: Maine
i tried to save one at the smaller store that had popeye but i only work at that one 2 days a week and i had the other people giving him medicine too but it just wasnt enough.

all we have for store use medicine is fungus guard or something like that over there. im not sure if i even dosed it right. i did like.. 5 or 6 granules for the cup ><
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Oh goodness, you sound just like me when I used to work at a small local pet store in Washington! We had a full fish department in our one store(used to have two locations), and though people were generally quite knowledgeable I was probably the only one who was fully versed on proper betta care sadly.
I got a discount on fish, so I brought home lots of bettas when I worked there. xD; Though there were also a few I was aloud to just take home and treat since, unfortunately, we had quite a few in stock most of the time in rather small cups that were only changed maybe once a week and so there were often a couple too many that fell ill and were unable to be treated there.

I totally hear you on the medication for in-store use though. It was sort of the same thing where I worked. :/ Just a couple 'general' medications to treat things, and often simple things like SBD, beginnings of fin-rot, and clamping were just plain over-looked.

Anywho, I very much so look forward to future photos of this guy as he perks up and gets better under your care! I'm sure he'll do beautifully! And I very much so agree, pet stores need more people like you! ;)
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