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The airstone isn't big at all. Its attached to some airline tubing and the stone is put on the bottom of the tank.
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If you watch posts on forums When people run into troubles/diseases etc with their betta's,
A big majority are running smaller tanks, (under 5 gallons, more so under 3 gallons.) and putting their fish thru unnesasary stress, Either with a filter and feeling safe about not changing the water as often, or No filter and only changing water once or less a week.. It's really a no brainer.

With filters in these tanks and the lack of water changes is a double two edged sword for your betta, he just can't win, and then they wonder why My fishie gets sick,,

anyways, I think I'm all out of wind on this subject
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And what about a test kit?
If your not gonna use a filter and your gonna clean your gravel regularly,
and do regular water changes, you really won't need any test kits,

But if you want to watch the Ammonia,for the hell of it, you can pick one up at Walmart or any fish store,
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Alrighty. I think I am getting it by some good advice here.
It is my daughters first fish and she loves Jonny. So, I want to do all that I can and ask as many questions, because I have never had a Betta, and it has been a long while for fish period. I am going to get a heater soon. I will clean the tank like clock work. We might upgrade to a bigger tank in awhile. My daughter interacts with him a lot. Which I heard is good for fish. Sounded silly when I first heard that though. She calls him, and talks to him, traces her finger on the glass and he chases it. Kinda funny! She knows to not tap on the glass. Because Nemo and his friends didn't like the loud noise, neither will Jonny.
Thanks for all the advice.
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