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Betta + plane = ?

So I currently live in New Jersey and will be moving to Texas in about 6 weeks or so. At this point I don't know if I will drive my car down there or have it transported and take a plane. I have a betta about a year old, and I was wondering if anyone knew how plane rides affect fish. I was thinking it would be ok since the plane ride is only 3 and half hours and because they pressurize the plane cabin for us humans to begin with. Does anyone know or have a personal experience?
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I have no idea. Have you checked with the airlines about whether you can htake a fish on the plane? With all the new rules, it may not be allowed. If you were driving, I think transporting your betta wouldn't be a problem.
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Betta fish are shipped by plane here to our walmart stores every two weeks, (actually all their fish)
It is stressful on them..

But as to a certain plane companies rules on allowing fish may be another thing,
Check with your airline and then you'll know for sure
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If you have to take a plane and they wont let you bring him you might want to ship him to your new house.
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If transporting a fish on a plane, make sure the area where the fish is will be pressurized. If they will not allow you to take the fish with you as a carry-on (double-bag it and stick it in a small styrofoam box to buffer, with a heat pack is generally best) then make sure the cargo hold is a pressurized one. Double-check! Ask more than one person. Get the info on the model of plane you are flying and check online yourself. Several a stewardess has told people a plane had a pressurized cargo hold when in fact they did not. The betta will die in an unpressurized cargo-hold.
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