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Exclamation Brand new owner. (Quite Frantic!)

I awoke last night to awaken to a pink bodied blue fined with red tips, Betta on my desk. My mother and her boyfriend went out and bought me a Betta from a local pet shop because Ive quite down lately and I fell in-love with him instantly. But I really wish they would have waited until we had all the proper things.

They bought a 2Liter Plastic Aquarium. Witch came with some gravel and 3 rocks.

I'm scared this is way to small for him. Hes about 3 months old. (That's what the cleric said to my mother.) and until I can get a bigger tank with plants and a cave or something, Will this be good enough for him? (I want the best that I can get for him.)

I also can't get the water to warm up. It's ice cold. Ive put him and the tank in the washroom witch is the warmest place in the apartment. (We have no heat in our apartment because the heater broke and the people wont come and fix it.) I just got him about 7 hours ago and I'm already afraid hes going to die from the cold and lack of space. I don't think he can stay in a little cup for much longer and it breaks my heart to see him bang his head against the cup.

I had a friend witch I lived with for a little while and she had a beautiful Royal blue Betta. But she would NOT take care of it. So I took over him. I'd feed him twice a day, clean his tank once a week or week and a half he had a very VERY small tank and he would used to jump out of the tank but I wasn't allowed to get him a new one because the fish was ''her'' responsibility. (But yet I could still feed it and care for it?) She would take him out of his tank and poke him with things and shove him in a shot glass with barley any water and watch him flop around. Then one day she fed him to her cat when I was taking a shower and when I came out of the shower he had no tail and a little bit of his lower body was gone. I was horrified! I popped him back in his tank and he died a few minutes later.

So from having a bad experience, I want the best for my Betta but I'm already scared hes going to die. Does anyone have any suggestions to warm up his tank and If a 2Liter will be good enough for him until I get a bigger one?

(Sorry for rambling on and on but when I'm scared I talk alot.)

Edit: I also forgot to add we have a snake and If I was to use the snakes heat lamp to warm the water up a bit, would that be okay? :S

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Hello and welcome to Fish Forum!
First off: take a deep breath. Relax. Your betta has made it this far, have faith in the little guy and he will have faith in you. The worst is over now (the betta is no longer ina pet store) and there are better things coming around the corner.

He will survive in a two liter until you can get him a bigger tank, but he will not thrive. Bettas are hardly little fish and can take a lot of abuse, but a two liter is still way too small for a betta to permanently live in. Anything is better than those nasty little cups they leave them in at the store though. I hope you have water conditioner to use on the water? You'll need some if you don't, as the chlorine and shloramines in the water are toxic to your fish if you don't neutralize them with a water conditioner. Put him in the two liter for for now, and don't bother putting any of the gravel or rocks in. The betta wants room right now, not a substrate that will take up to half of his already limited living quarters. He can be upgraded later, a 2.5 gallon or larger tank is recomended for bettas. A 3 month old betta has, for the most part, reached his full size in body length, but he will still continue to grow a little and his fins will get longer, so indeed, he will want more space.

A heater is important (and a thermometer to actually tell how warm it really is). The heat lamp for your snake could be temporarily commandeered to warm your betta's tank up, but be warned, two liters is not a lot of water, and a heat lamp can cause the water to fluctuate in temperature very quickly. Be careful that you don't fry your betta, they like it warm, but not that warm. 78-82 is considered an ideal temp to aim for with a betta. Heat packs placed around the tank are also good for helping to warm the tank while you wait on a heater. Some people have used warmed towels wrapped around the tank as a temporary substitute. Grab a heater and a bigger tank when next you can get to a pet store - I generally like 50 watts for my heater size, which are good all the way up to 10 gallon tanks, but a 25 watt will work on a small tank such as a 2.5 gallon.

Food - don't know if your betta came with this. Bettas are carnivores, so get him betta pellets if you don't already have them.
Decorations - don't get anything with sharp pointy edges, as bettas can catch their fins on this and tear them. Otherwise, go wild xD Betta love decorations, it gives them things to explore and play with.
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Hehe, Thank you.

Next week we will be getting him a 5Gal hopefully and if we can't get one of those we will get the next best thing we can get. We will be getting him the works. 0= <3

I'm using a brand of conditioner called Aqua plus, and something called ''cycle'' for when he gets moved to a bigger tank, with plants and etc.

I did make the mistake of adding the gravel and stones but they barley take up any room. I'm going to get glass stones to replace the gravel because I'm not comfortable with fish and gravel with all the stories about fish eating it.

I got the temperature to go up by wrapping warm towels around the tank. I'm not sure if it's the right temp at the moment because I don't have a thermometer yet so I'll have to keep a close eye on him for the next week.

But he seems happy, hes swimming fast around with his fins showing nicely. (but not puffed up, like if another male was around him.) I'm happy about that because in the cup his fins where smashed together like he was dead or something. His color looks a bit brighter and not so pale looking. (Hes such a beautiful boy. <3) :D

My mother also bought some blood worms and some Betta food that is made out of blood worms that will make his color stand out more because it has red alge in it I think. It also has some brine shrimp in it.

Ive calmed down a lot and don't feel like a horrible owner anymore. I can't wait to see him thrive.
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I love stickies.

Read them.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo View Post

Next week we will be getting him a 5Gal hopefully and if we can't get one of those we will get the next best thing we can get. We will be getting him the works. 0= <3
As much as I hate to suggest walmart in any situation... if you can't afford a pet store 5 gallon tank... Walmart has a whole kit for just over 20 dollars and it sells just the tank (no heater/filter/light/decorations) for about 12. Pretty cheap stuff.

And congrats on the Betta! I just got my first Betta the day before yesterday too and I'm so excited. He's going to make me fail my classes because I just stare at him and watch him swim.

I'm such a dork.
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That's really great that you want to take such good care of him. I commend you. I understand what you mean about the gravel and fish eating it. Personally, I like the large flat glass stones. You have to be careful because you can drop them and crack them, so make sure you don't put any that have any sharp edges or cracks in the tank. However, the smooth surface of the glass seems to be easy on betta fins and won't tear, and they can't eat them. just make sure they're all lying flat so none of tip over on your little guy. I am quite happy with my eclipse tanks. THey make them in 3 6 and 12 gallons (as well as various other sizes). They come with a filter and a light. You can find them on sale for about $35 for the 3 gallon. Then you can add the rocks and plants and it makes a fairly nice little home. The filter is a little strong for a betta so i only run it after water changes to pick up anything that got stirred up that I missed. When I do that, I take the filter cartridge out and let it dry, otherwise it can get moldy in the dark, warm, and damp environment. A marineland stealth heater also fits nicely in the corner near the filter. As a decoration, I put in little clay pots. I got them at the craft store for 45 cents each. Soak them in tank water (not in the tank) over night to make sure they're free of dust and then you can put them in as a little cave/hiding spot.

When he finally gets to swim and play, you'll see a very happy, colorful little fish.

Keep up the caring and good work. :)
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I use glass gems. I like them better than gravel and I haven't heard any complaints from my bettas. lol
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