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I must be the luckiest person alive.

I must be the luckiest person alive or something, I hear everyone talk about all the sick fish from pet stores, walmart etc, and all the horrible stories that follow the bringing of them home,

Strange really, Leaves me kinda puzzled, Because most every fish I have gotten from Walmart or a pet store, I always tend to pick the weakest and most sickly looking ones too,

And I just don't get the sickness every one else seems too, Granted , alot I have gotten have came with problems, But very few did I ever end up having to treat, I just did more frequent water changes for about a week on new fish, And most everyone gets better with no use of medicine..
and I know I have way more Betta's then most here do,

I never use Divided tanks, just not something I ever wanted to do, Just confounds me why everyone else so swears off of pet store betta's, When I really can't relate, I have nearly zip problems with any I own,
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Haha, I think you might be right. :D

Tian-Tian's doing much better than he was, though. :) So he's not a lost cause.
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I always try to buy healthy bettas. I've never had any trouble with any of mine either.
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Old 04-17-2009, 08:21 PM   #4 
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Hmm, mixed bag for me. My rescue betta was not one I choose from a store (although he did come from one) but his issue was more from the poor care from his previous owners gave him (no water changes and overfed him to a ridiculous point). He was an easy fix though, clean water, proper diet took care of his fin rot and listlessness.

I've purposely picked out fish with diseases from stores before, for the sake of seeing if I can cure them (what with, the dosage, how long does it take, at what stage do we become fatal), and for the sake of seeing how a disease progresses. Heartless? Mmm, perhaps, but they were going to die anyhow, might as well be with me so I can at least learn something from it and pass on the info. I've managed to save some, and I've lost some, such is the way it goes. I think I've learned a fair bit from it though.
I've also picked fish for the sake of liking their look and them being healthy, not every fish I've bought is for a disease experiment. When I want a healthy fish, I get a healthy fish. And pretty much without exception, I've had no real problem with any of these fish, it is only the ones whom I purposely pick for their 'sickliness' which often spend long amounts of time in quarantine and could be likened to some of these 'horror stories' which are posted here.
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