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Ok slap my wrists....I got another Betta!! Can I add water from other tank?

Hi guys,

I went to the LFS to get another pleco because sadly I found mine dead and half eaten in the tank this morning I tested the water and all seems to be ok with that though.

Anyway, I ended up coming home with my second gorgeous Betta, a new 7.5G tank and all the accessories. Would it be a good idea to take some water from the 13G or 37G tank which are running and cycled or should I just go with the fresh water and conditioner in the new tank and do partial water changes every other day until the new one is cycled?

Lise x
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If you have a mature or (cycled) tank ,you can take some of the filter material from that tank ,and add it to the filter in the new tank to help speed the maturing or (cycling)of the new tank. You can also take a cup (not big gulp cup) of gravel from one of the other tanks and place it in a section of panty hose, tie it shut, and place it in the out flow are of filter on new tank by hanging it there with binder clip or clothespin etc.This will also help speed the process along in your new tank. There is very little beneficial bacteria in the water so using it from the other tanks won't provide much in the way of bacteria needed.
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Thanks very much 1077 8)

That makes so much sense and is so simple to do, I could slap myself for not having thought about it

Lise x
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