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Gregory is acting odd...

So, two days ago I noticed a hole in his tail. The next day, I noticed two smaller holes. I thought it was one of the plastic plants that I currently have in there, so I took it out. Then today, the holes were looking a little bit bigger. I was concerned, but didn't have time to go and get some stuff for his tail (I don't even know what to get... help?) so I cleaned out his tank and changed out all of the water to make sure it was as clean as possible.

I cleaned everything from the sides of the tank, to the rocks and the bottom of the tank, to the plant, his car, and the filter. I cleaned EVERYTHING. I had to take him out and put him in a bucket until I was done. Didn't take more than a half hour.

When I came home, he was sulking in his bright neon yellow car. I offered him some pellets, but he wouldn't even come out of the car to eat them. He's only coming out of his car for air every two or three minutes, and then goes right back in there.

My boyfriend thinks he's mad at me because I had to chase him around with the net earlier. But I'm afraid that it might be something much worse...
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I would keep an eye on his tail to make sure it doesn't have any signs of fin rot. If you start seeing the rays poking out and the fins deteriorating, you'd need to get some meds to take care of that. Hopefully he'll start eating soon. There are a few websites out there that will show you pics of betta illnesses and describe which kinds of meds to use for each. You may want to look and see if any of them look like what little Gregory has on his tail.

If you want to try a super mild remedy as a sort of just in case, you can try adding a little bit of melafix. It doesn't really cure anything very well that's in any advanced stage but can sometimes be helpful in promoting fin regrowth. It's a tea tree oil solution you can get at the pet shop. You may also want to add some aquarium salt. I do it at every water change, not just when my fish are ill. It adds electrolytes and builds up their slime coats. It's pretty inexpensive and you use about 1/2 tsp per gallon. Dissolve it in some tank water BEFORE you put it in the tank. Those 2 things may help promote a healthier environment while you observe him to make sure it's nothing worse.
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