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Bamboo Shrimp

I have a heavily planted Edge 6, cycled for six months,pH 7.5+/_ a couple of points, Male Betta is nonly stock Since this tank is heavily planted I do not Vac the aquarium just 50% water changes @ 20 ppm nitrate about every 7 to 10. There is a ton of stuff floating ago in this tank especially after a W.C. So I'm thinking one maybe two bamboo shrimp> Your thoughts and experience would be greatly appreciated.

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I have one I got from petco in my 50 gallon and he seems to do a pretty awesome job. I've been moving stuff around the last couple days and I hardly see anything when the gravel gets stirred up or when I vacuum for that matter. I know that doesn't mean nothing is there but I think he does a pretty good job and I'm thinking about getting one or two more.
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i was looking into those when my lfs had some in, but they get pretty huge as adults (like 3-4 inches), and also seem to like more filter flow than i think most bettas would want in a small tank like that. in a 6 gallon i think it would probably be better to try regular ghost shrimp, or amanos if you can find some, to pick away at the detritus.
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When you buy them make sure you get the ones that are feeding.
The one I purchased was old and only lasted a few months.
They do best in an old system where there is alot of micro organisms in the water column.
They wont eat plant debris.
They are all wild caught.
All in all I wouldnt recommend them as cool as they are.
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