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ok.... hello.

i have a red betta fish, which i bought a few days ago, and i have no idea how to take care of it... so i have a few questions.
(background info)
i have a betta fish bowl, it has no filter, no gravel, no plants. it has a light over the top.
i have betta total diet pellets for food
i have never had fish before and i have no idea what i'm doing, but i love my fish and want to take care of it properly, hence the post pleading for advice.... THANKYOU!!

1) how often should i change the water?

2)what do i do if it dosen't eat? (i was told to give it one pellet every day, but its not taking it, it kinda ate it, but the spat it out again)

3) i just changed the water, but stupid me changed ALL the water, but i put the fish (george) into another small bowl of water that had the ph stuff in it, then cleaned and re-filled the betta bowl added the ph stuff, and then put george back in, i'm terrified he'll die coz someone told me it was REALLY bad to do this)

4)will a plant or a small rock or ornament be beneficial to my fish?

5) is there anything else i should know that is important to the welfare of my fish?

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The size of your tank would be helpful to know,

Considering you said :bowl" then It must be small.
You need to do a water change every other day, Twice a week minimal.
You need to add conditioner to the water before you add it to his tank.

A complete water change WILL NOT hurt your betta, Will actually do more good then harm being in such a small bowl.. A complete water change should be done every week, At least once every two weeks minimal.

1 pellet isn't enough, Most on here that feed pellets give 4 to 8 pellet per day, with one day of rest (no food given)

Most will like having something to rest and or hide in/on

added the ph stuff,
only thing you need to add is the conditioner

is there anything else i should know that is important to the welfare of my fish?
Yes!, Water change, and water change, You want a healthy betta, Then do his water changes without fail,
if you can afford a bigger tank all the better, Little tanks, Be sure you keep up with those water changes, Nothing is better then fresh clean water, Beats any medicine you can buy for your fish,,,

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I had to smile when I learned of your Betta's name. I picked up my Betta a couple weeks back and his name is George too!

Mine took a couple days to get acclimated to his new home before he started to eat normally. He was definitely eating by Day 3.
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help betta fish

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