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Talking A hello from the UK!

Hello betta peeps!

I am new to fish keeping and have got a 28 litre tank for my daughter after she fell in love with some fish at Pets at Home...dont despair I wouldnt really look at getting them from there, would rather keep good local shops going.

My daughter is 3 and we were told a betta would be good for her as they are quite interactive and fun...How do they interact?

My husband on the other hand wants some little endlers livebearers as they are more active and he tank would be more lively...

We were told by our LFS that one male betta with a few endlers would be fine as they are small and would be under the one per inch rule...

however i am reading mixed messages about the two together...also do they require very different care? From what i have gathered online from care sheets they seem pretty similar in food and temp and water parameters....

Am I right or am i going drastically wrong heading for a catastrophe...

I havent bought any fish yet still cycling my tank....but wanted to make sure....i will be making sure that "henry" as my daughter has decided to call him will have plant cover for peace and quite (again do they prefer silk plants or are normal fake plants ok??)

Thanks for any help you can give...she has decided already she wants a purple veil tail.....

Thanks everyone x
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Hi, and welcome to the forums!

To answer your question, some bettas cannot live with any kind of tankmates. I'd avoid the Endler's Livebearers in any event. If you are new to Bettas, you may want to go with just the betta for a while, as there is a learning curve no matter how much research you do.

Bettas can be interactive: they "dance" when they want food, and play games, and so on, but NOT every fish will do this. For a 3 year old, you need to consider how you can keep the tank close enough to where the child can see it but far enough out of reach so that the child cannot get their hands into it.

You'll need to get an adjustable heater, silk plants, and such for the betta. Here in the states, all the stuff you need can easily run you about $100 which is probably more like 60 pounds sterling.
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Thanks for that....

TBH, we would probably choose the endlers over the betta as its what my hubby really wants, the betta is more something we would consider as an extra...however, if things didnt work out between them we can set up another tank..

We have the tank in the living room on a tall coffee table that my daughter can be the same height as but cant reach over to lift the lid up. She is also a very mature responsible girl who i would trust not to do get into it...(she is 3 going on 60!!) We also have the full tank set up and spent over 120 so far!! (this was supposed to be a 50-60 pound birthday pressie for her!) it soon mounts up!! my FIL used to breed discus fish so is giving us a guiding hand (and a spare tank and brine shrimp eggs!!)

Thanks for the heads up....will go for silk we have live plants so far but they arent looking too great

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Welcome to the forum!

Bettas are very interactive, like NorthernLights said, they dance for food and/or when they're happy to see you, some can be taught tricks like swimming through hoops, or flaring on command. My own betta, Merlin, will actually follow my finger, making it easier for me to check him over and see if he's healthy. Dragoon hasn't learned any tricks as of yet. So far he just likes happy dancing.
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Thank you all.

After a few trips to various LFSs we decided on 4 x male guppies in our 7/8 US gallon tank...They are very bright and speedy (an in particular have leopard print tails with purple flashes! hubby hates leopard print lol!)

However i have a niggly desire that wont go for a betta....

Whilst our tank still looks quite empty with just these four little guys they are just half of their adult size and i dont want them crowded and there just doesnt seem to be enough space for a betta now....

So...I have started my list of second hand aquariums on ebay! Bit addictive thest fish tanks arent they!!
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