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Unhappy 99 cent store stressed betta with raised gill

Okay. So the story is, my aunt brought me a betta from a 99 cent store. She said she had bought more (I don't know where she thought I would put them. I have one one available tank) but this is the only one that survived the ride from Los Angeles to Perris. Now if you don't live in California, thats a few hours. He was in a tiny, dirty cup that they probably never changed. And through that, his color was vibrant and he was attentive to everything around him, so I thought I might as well give him a chance.

He is in a five(5) gallon tank with a filter and heater. Ammonia-0ppm
Nitrite-0ppm (If any of these seem off, please tell me. I'm using new testing equipment.) I had just finished cycling it. The temperature is 82* for only now. Normally, 80*.
He has no tankmates. He displays a healthy interest in everything and everything. I'm pretty sure he counted all the gravel last night and he flares at a mirror or another betta picture. He eats whatever I try with him. He is active and it takes him three seconds to find something else that catches his eye. He has no lumps or unusual growths. however he is gaining color from the warm water. His color is consistent and getting darker. And his eyes are as clear as day. I don't think I see any ick or velvet, but I already have medicine on hand for that. But, he looks very small to me. Maybe it's because I already have a fat goldfish but he looks around a little bigger than an inch. So far, the entire surface has bubbles littered about. He doesnt scratch himself on any decorations. He doesn't have any problems getting around the tank. And his spine is straight. This is all I've got with him as I only had him for around a night.

I have suspicions that he is a crowntail, but I can't be sure because he has major finrot. Which leads me to believe high ammonia, high everything. And since I didn't want to stress him even more, I did a drip acclimation. His color is faintly white but I believe that's from the cold water as its fading away. His fins are more spread out, but I don't think that's as far as it goes, since it looks like a pointed out veiltail. But that maybe to about half of his fins are rotted away, but I felt like this should be mentioned One of my most pressing concerns, one of his gills don't close all the way and just won't close all the way. I don't believe it's red, as he doesn't trust me that close too close yet. Looking on this Internet, it says gill disease but around five different ways to treat it. But from past experience, I tend to trust this site for any betta related problems. Also, if it's no trouble, can you tell me for anything to look out for.

Thank you for reading this giant essay and helping me.
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Honestly, he sounds like his health is improving and that you are taking good care of him. Keep up the regular water changes and you should see his fin rot improve, and with the gill, it may just be stuck, or it may go down in time, but I wouldn't worry about it.
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Keep the water clean and his fin rot should go away, but if not try fungus guard by API. It really helped my bettas fin rot. As for the gill wouldn't stress over it to much. If it doesn't seem to be bothering him or affecting how he swims it probably isn't to bad. Or he may of just been born like that.
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99 cent store, raised gill, sick betta fighter fish

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