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Update on Lucky

Thought I'd update you guys (and have a couple more questions if you don't mind). :)

I think he's doing better. I've been doing the every other day water change now (about 50-75% each time so far)...with the exception of the weekend (since he's at work and I work mon-fri). I think he looks better....his tail is shorter than before...does it take awhile to put a stop to the fin rot? His face looks a little better but it's still bad. :( Poor thing. Are the frequent water changes/salt bad for the apple snail? Should I put him in a seperate container/tank?

Okay so when I'm cleaning the tank out I use one of those little vaccum hose it okay that I take it and stir the rocks around to get some of the cruddy stuff down underneath?

Okay and I think this is the last question...sometimes his coloring temporarily lessens/goes away. He's normally very blue (almost some black and red in there when he's been at his best)...but sometimes after changeing out his water (I've started back to taking him out when I do the water change b/c he freaks out even more if he's in the tank while I'm I put him and the snail in a container until I finish cleaning the tank). I'm assuming the coloring this is when he's stressed/freaked out....? Should I be concerned? Hmm....I think that's all for now. :) Thanks again for all y'alls help. more tiny thing- someone here said to add acquariam add a teaspoon for each gallon...but the container of salt says to add a rounded tablespoon for every 5 gallons...mine is 2.5 gallons. So how much is okay? And I vaccum it up and put new salt back in with each water change?
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It's great to stir up the gravel/try to suck up all the gross stuff under it.

And I bet your fish is doing way better with getting his water changes now. :)

On salt, I would just go wtih teh teaspoon per gallon. To be safe, maybe add a tiny bit less than that. You could also just add half a tablespoon.

And be careful about adding more because it's not going to evaporate off. So only add more when you take water out.

And vacuum it up? The salt should be dissolved in your tank. Is it? You don't want to actually be able to see it, preferably.

Good luck! I'm sure somebody will be answering your questions more thoroughly than I.
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Location: louisville, KY first the salt was visibly sitting there on top of the gravel but now I don't see it so I guess it disolved.

I thought of one other thing I wanted to ask you experts about too...what do you know about 'bowl buddies'? It's those fiz tabs that are supposed to make the water instantly safe for them....are they okay to use? Is it too much to use one of those on top of already using dechlorinator/ water treatment stuff??
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i would advise dissolving the salt in some tank water prior to putting it into the tank. it can actually burn your fish if they get enough on them. and katie is right: only add it when you add new water. don't keep putting more in. if you dissolve it first, you won't vacuum any of it up, although i'd advise vacuuming first then putting the salt/clean water in. i go with 1/2 tsp / gallon. i get a gallon container, and let it sit with water in it (to have ready at all times.) before cleanings, i add 7 drops of aquarisafe, 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1 drop of aquarisol. let it all dissolve, shake gently, and then add to tank.

i don't know much about bowl buddies but i don't think you need it if you're using dechlorinator. i know several people here use aquasafe or bettasafe. about 7 drops per gallon and that should be plenty.

the loss of coloring is due to stress. no betta that i know particularly enjoys being jostled around during cleaning. avoid stressing him too much is possible, especially while he's healing, but you'll get a little color loss everytime you remove him from his tank.

if his tail is shorter than before, you may need other meds to clear up the fin rot. you DO NOT want it to get to his body or his pectoral fins. if it keeps on going, you may want to look into something like jungle fungus eliminator. i've had some luck with that before, but it will turn your water quite green and stain rocks/plants, so be prepared.

is it possible for you to take him home while he's being treated so you can keep an eye on him weekends, as well? I don't advise taking him back and forth to work but it's probably better if you can watch him 7 days a week instead of just 5.
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When I first came online I thought the internet and forums was perfect information at its best,
You join a forum cause you now the people who started it seems to know there stuff,
So you start posting, expecting to get answers from experienced people,
At first you think kewl,, Then you start noticing little things don't add up and you start wondering,

I began to notice the experianced person starts slacking off on responding and the non experianced start taking over more responces, Their excited about helping, wanna be heard, so they push themselves onward, While the real experienced folks don't responds hardly ever any more, they slip into the backworks, One reason I never ask for any advice from forums any more,,

When I'm given advice I kinda like to know it from a first hand experienced person.

A novice who has one maybe two fish and/or no experience other then reading others posts,
I don't call that credible info,

For one, Salt does not need to be pre-dissolved,
It ain't gonna sit on your fish, unless its dead sitting on the bottom.
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Location: louisville, KY
yeah...I thought I had read somewhere on here maybe not to dissolve the salt first but to put it straight in the tank. Anyhoo...Lucky all around seems to be doing a lot better. His eye looks better and doesn't have such a film on top of it anymore...his face thing looks better....his tail looks like it's maybe stopped rotting anymore...? The edges aren't as frayed/gray looking now. The only thing that's really concerning me now is that his coloring keeps changing...he keeps getting lighter/striped like he's stressed out...but it's been on and off ALL day!? :( He's never done that before...he would be like that after a water change sometimes but then he'd be fine...never seen him go back and forth like this with the coloring. ?
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