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Some more questions...

Ok, I tried the search function but I couldn't find the exact answer. Sorry if these are too "newbie" questions, but I know you will lead me in the right direction. :)

What exactly IS cycling?

Should I do it now? Chops is in a 1.5 gal tank, but will be upgraded shortly.

Currently, I am giving him HBH Betta Color Bright Food (they are flakes). Is this good for him? I only feed him once a day and very little because I heard conflicting things - feed him every 2-3 days, etc.. Should I continue with this food? Should I feed him more?

Thanks in advance!
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A 1.5 gallon tank doesn't need to be cycled. I feed my bettas Hikari betta bio gold pellets, 2 in the morning and 2 at night.I feed mine every day and Sunday is their fast day to help clean out their digestive system. Flakes are fine if they are especially for bettas. I also feed them freeze dried bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia. Freeze dried food needs to be rehydrated before feeding. You can also get frozen food.
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A 1.5 gallon can't hold a cycle. But a cycle means the nitrogen cycle has occurred. Ammonia, bacteria, all that great stuff. Haha, but don't worry about that.

You might want to add in some freeze dried blood worms once or twice a week. (rehydrate them first!) Make sure your flakes are made specifically for bettas because they are total carnivores and a lot of flakes are mostly veg matter. I also use Hikari pellets.
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That ought to answer the 'what is cycling' question in a more thorough manner if you were interested.

Should you try cycling a 1.5 gallon? No, it's too small, it wouldn't hold a proper bacteria colony to keep a cycle. Besides, a cycle takes weeks to do, if you'll be upgrading soon, he'll be in the new tank before then xD
When you do get around to cycling a tank, if you haven't already:
that's a handy board on how to cycle.

I prefer feeding pellets to my bettas, but some people use the flakes without any issue. I feed twice a day 2-4 pellets per feeding. When I fed some of my betta's flakes, it was twice a day, just a little bit sprinkled into the tank, no more than what they could consume in two minutes time.
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too small to cycle.

I feed my betta live and frozen/thawed to room temp bloodworms, and brine shrimp. He wont eat flakes or pellets anymore. But I do have him in a community tank with several other fish that eat that too and its easier to drop a cube or chunk( I use HIKARI bio gold frozen) in the worm cup and let it thaw then I pour it into the feeder cup in the tank and the rest is history.

I feed every other day.
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