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Old 08-03-2013, 01:43 PM   #11 
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Where do you keep your fish tank? A small footprint will go on an end table, etc, pretty easily.

Walmart makes a 3 gallon cylinder tank that is less than a foot wide. There's also a two gallon version. Heck, in the fish section there is a 1 gallon tank (like a kritter keeper) that is only about $6.

1/2 gallon tanks are good for pictures and certain kinds of special needs fish.

So, where do you keep your fish tank? What kind of space do you have to work with?
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I thought bettas don't like deep water..?
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You are correct. Tall tanks may have a small footprint but they are not practical for Bettas. There's little real swim room and the Betta has not only a long way to go for air but there's also insufficient surface area (IMO).

By estimate, 2.5 gallons are usually 12x6x8 high and five gallons 16x8x10 high. A five gallon will fit on an end table.

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I like my 12x12x12 inch cube tanks for bettas. I find they offer a reasonable amount of both horizontal/vertical space and a tank that size fits easily on my bedside table.

Just throwing that option out there.
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"Deep" water is relative. With the 3 gallon cylinder, by the time the gravel and undergravel filter plate is loaded in, the interior water height is about a foot. Most of the 5+ gallon tanks (which many people on this forum believe are great for bettas) are at least that tall. If you go that route, you do need to make sure you have objects to the fish to rest on at varying heights, including one near the surface. Mine has a betta leaf hammock near the top and near the middle, and plants that range from short to all the way to the surface.
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