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Is my betta starving or does he just like it eat?

Hello :)

I recently brought home a halfmoon male betta around two weeks ago. The breeder told me he is about 4 months old (maybe 5 now). (He is in my display picture)

Anyway, it just seems like he's ALWAYS hungry! I'm trying to be careful not to over feed him but he's NEVER turned down food, from the day I brought him home. I guess it's good for a fish to have a big appetite rather than none but I'm just wondering if maybe I'm not feeding him enough? I feed him once I day with a sprinkle of these tiny little flake/pellets (AquaOne Betta Pellets - although they look very small to be pellets). Today I just switched to the Hikari Betta Bio Gold and he ate like 7 but I refused to give him anymore haha.

Also a question with the Hikari - it says on the packet you can feed 5 - 10 pellets 3 times a day, but on here I've been reading 2 - 3 pellets twice a day max? What would you recommend following?

Thanks :)
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They are always hungry...alot of people feed 2 times a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. feeding 5-10 pellets 3X a day is WAY too much. Only feed like 3-4 each time, depending on their size. also, its good to have a day of fasting - just to keep their digestive track from getting clogged up.
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thanks a lot :) Oh yeah I forgot to add I've been fasting him one day a week :)
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I've never met a betta that will turn down food at any time unless he's sick. They are incessant beggars! Don't let the sad eyes and the wiggle dance fool for his health you can't overfeed him.
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"The Wiggle Dance" !!! That cracks me up! That perfectly describes what my fishies do for attention/food. They remind me of overly excited puppies whose whole back half wags instead of just the tail!

Additionally, I also recommend just a few pellets a day, and a day of fast. It can be hard to do, especially when you have a rescue fish that was doing really poorly at first, but overfeeding causes more problems than the satisfaction you get out of watching them devour everything in sight. At the very least, you end up with much higher ammonia, which NO ONE wants. Lol. Good luck restraining yourself, OP.
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Just to say, a perfectly happy healthy betta will practically will try to eat ANYTHING that drops down to the tank/bowl/sorority :D it's a good sign, so don't fret or anything... Like jadaBlu said, don't fall for their little "dance" that they do when their hungry... That'll just lead to bloating, which leads to constipation, which leads to swim bladder disease :/ ouch... You wouldn't want your fish having that :/ On the other note, my betta fish "sprinkles" as we call her, actually wiggles, moves their mouth to look like the "NOMNOM" sign, and JUMPS at least 2 WHOLE inches. I have almost never seen that in my life :0 I've actually been training her how to jump high (Don't worry, I do and will always have a lid!) and it's actually working :) btw on the important note, theirs absolutely no problem with you fish eating and begging for food :) Must be a really happy betta fish :D
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