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Comfussed anout water conditions

Hello I stumbled a pound a thread and now I'm totally confused. It staed that leting the algy build up is jeather for my netta then crystal clear water. And im bffled because this contradicts everything i ever read. Ok so I had my fish 4 months and researched bettas for about 2 before that and every post I read could not stress the importance of clean water. I have a 3 1/2 Gallon tank with a sponge filter heat stick 2 silk plants 2 lil moss balls and this week I added bamboo. My fish loves the bamboo and the moss balls make a huge difference in the water clarity. Should I phase out the fake plants all together and if so what is a low maintenance love plant? I use spring water and clean completely clean the tank and chage the water every 7-10 days. But now from reading this thead it sounds like I'm doing more harm then good. Someone please help me understand what to do. Eg. With the sponge filter should I not clean it once a week also a have medium size glass stones not gravle do I thoroughly clean them or just give them I fast rinsing. Because this thread contradicts everything I read in the last 6 months. Thank you for your time. Please help me help my lil guy be as healthy as can be.
PS I also have stress coat but and water conditioner again I use spring water should I use either one? Lastly I love my betta as all owners do and by nature I equate love by feeding him well the urge to I feed him omega gold pellets it was 4 a day cut down to 2 with a day of not feeding him at all is this correct and what could I feed him as a snack I hear a pealed pea? Sorry I went on so long but as everyone reading this I want my buddy to live a happy and long life. Again thank you for the time. Sorry if my post is all over I cut and copied parts from other posts I wrote
Respectfully, Dustin
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It is going to be different for outdoor ponds than it is for indoor aquariums. My aquaponics tub has algae. We call it biofilm in aquaponics. It keeps the tank healthier. It is your plain old green algae. Some algae is ok for aquariums some is not. I personally don't like the way it looks.
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For the tank size that you have you need to do water changes about every 6 days.
When i chance water i rinse everything in the tank with warm water. But i don't like the green algae on my stones so if i see it i just rub the stones under the water to take it off. With time it also has some kind of slime lair so i do rub it out.

I do the same for the plants. You don't have to take the silk plants out. It ok to have live and silk plants in the tank. Just make sure he has enough space to swim, and it not too overcrowd . Bamboo check the roots, make sure he will not stock in it. Not sure if you can trim the roots. Moss ball i never had one but someone on this forum wrote just rinse it every time when you change the water. Also next time when you buy any live plants always rinse it and put it for quarantining for about 2 wk in the water. Because live plants can carry ich and if you quarantine it how i understand it would die without host.

Also for the tank size that you you really don't even have to have the filter at all. You can just do full water changes every 5 days which you have to do anyway with the sponge filter. Or you can do 1-50 and 1-100% water changes a week.
If you do full water change make sure you acclimate the betta to the new water so you don't shock him with the temp difference. If you needs tips on that let us know.

Now if you still want to have sponge filter i want to give you the link where you can find helpful information about it
CHECK OUT the post #22
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Anhel's advice on water changes is right on...for an uncycled tank. But a 3-1/2g with a sponge filter is pretty easy to cycle. And a cycled tank is better for your fish. Read the cycling stickies in the "Bowls and Habitats" section. A cycled tank is also easier for you to take care of, but...

A cycled tank is not for the convenience of the keeper, but for the health and well-being of the fish.
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