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So, I've become addicted. I have Gregory and Wilson, but I still want more. I don't have the room for a lot more, but I was considering moving both Gregory and Wilson into 6 gallon tanks when I move into my new apartment (Gregory is in a 10 gallon, and Wilson is in a 2 gallon - nice, happy medium).

But then I realized that I paid $65 for the 10 gallon tank that would probably not get used again after I moved them, so I've been thinking about picking out some females and housing them together in it. However, as I'm quite new to this, I want to do as much research on keeping several females as possible.

Is there any trick to keeping the females housed together? I know they can be as fierce as the males in some situations, and I don't want to just introduce a bunch of females to one another and have them all kill each other. Eep.

If anyone can tell me if there is any trick to it, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Sororities are a group of four or more female bettas housed together in the same tank. In a 10 gallon its usually 4-6 females. The key to making them get along seems to be lots and lots of hiding spaces, plants, decorations and caves for them to be able to go in. It takes a lot of close observation to find some females that will get along, as some of them just end up being too mean.

For some good reading on the topic, try Chicklet's thread
Read through the whole topic, it's got some good stuff in it.
Actually there's several threads in the betta compatibility section about females that you could learn a fair bit from reading through them. Scan through the first few pages, you'll find them.
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If your gonna start fresh with no existing females you already own then For fewer chances of troubles I'd recommend getting young females and be sure to add them all at the same time, Bigger females tend to be harder on the smaller females & often instigate the fighting,, If you have lots of coverings, you could easily add 15 females or more if you have a well established/cycled tank, Watch the females closely for the first few days especially,
Any that seem to be having continual troubles remove them, (some really tiny females seem to stress easily especially if an older female is present,) Keep lots of coverings, over time you can probably remove stuff as they become more adjusted to each other,,,,

If you should put upwards of 15 betta's in there you will need to monitor the water conditions to make sure everything is stable.
and you will likely need to do partial water changes twice a week.

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Oooh, I loved reading through that. I'll definitely have to see if I can find some water sprite somewhere... all I have currently is java moss, and that won't be enough.

-Goes on a hunt for more information in the Compatibility section.-
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Water sprite is awesome! Mine grows sooo much, and is taking over my 29 gallon fast.
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Is there any trick to planting a tank? can you do it in regular gravel or do you need sand...
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