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10-gallon problem bacteria bloom? noob's question

so, yeah the water has gotten foggy. I heard that this was very common in new tanks, and it has calmed down since I did a 50-60% water change a few hours ago. I don't have anything to test the ammonia or vacuum out the gravel, so I know that's the problem. any ideas or suggestions for home remedies until I get my next paycheck?
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Vacumn thorughly and change the water until it clears,
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How are you changing the water currently? Scooping the water out? If so you can stir up the water which gets the gunk in the gravel floating then when you scoop the water you'll be scooping out a lot of the gunk. You can also use a turkey baster to suck up gunk, it takes longer but you could do a little of the tank each day. Gravel vacs are typically $10 or so. This is the one I use:
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In a 10gal filtered tank without live plants-newly setup in the process of establishing the nitrogen cycle-depending on stocking....I wouldn't make anymore than 1-2 50% water changes a week-unless the fish are symptomatic.

Even with a test kit-you would do the same thing-"water change"...That said, you don't want to over clean or do to much while in the cycling process with livestock. Its a fine line between doing to much and not enough.....In my experience that is.....
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The best way to deal with bacterial blooms is to just let them do their thing. You need to let the good bacteria get settled in, and they will take care of the waste. It should clear up on its own within a week. Excessive water changes can actually exacerbate the problem. Just make sure you're not overfeeding, or leaving waste to contribute to the issue. If things get drastically worse definitely do post again, but otherwise usually nature takes its course and things straighten out without intervention.
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