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Old 08-06-2013, 06:45 PM   #1 
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: texas
Taking my betta on vacation?

So I was out of town for the weekend but my mom took care of my bettas when I got back yesterday Mardi had 2 huge tears in his fins and several small ones! This happenned last time I was away as well so I think he just gets upset when he doesn't get any attention.. This time my family was at the house and did spend a little time with him but in October My whole family is going to the beach for a week and nobody will be able to spend enough time with him to make sure he doesn't ruin his fins again. The beach is 3hrs away so he could be transported in his cup and I could set him up a little 1-2g bowl for the week I might get something bigger so he can use his heater...
I do have somebody to feed my other fish while I'm gone but they are very busy so they'd only come once or twice and I don't really trust them having my fish at their house, they have a 7yr and a 9yr old boy who killed the last fish with kool aid...

I know that's a little extreme but I just love his fins and hate to see them destroyed and they would probably just be getting 100% when I leave..
Mardi is my mom's favorite, I asked her if we could take him and she said probably so I will most likely take him to the beach but I was wondering if anybody else has any ideas?

Do you think a rubber maid container of about 5gs would be best because his real tank is glass and I don't want to risk it getting broken...
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Old 08-06-2013, 07:00 PM   #2 
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Sorry to hear about his fins from the vacay :<

I wouldn't travel with him because it seems excessive to me. If you can get away with it, leave a tv on for him while you're away. My desk fish love watching my computer!
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You could get a critter keeper. Lots of people take their fish with them.
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To be completely honest, I would let him be at home in his own tank rather then go through all the trouble and stress of transporting your betta to a new location with all new water to possibly sit in a smaller container, unheated, for a whole week and then have the make the whole trip back home again. Its not really quite like bringing your dog or rodent on a family trip, its a bit more like taking your indoor cat with you....just something you don't want to do for a short family vacation. IMO, a few nips on his tail is going to be a LOT easier to deal with as opposed to all the prep and hassle of transporting him with you.

If you feel like he really gets bored and nips his fins while you're gone and you're positive you have no sharp decor or plastic plants in his current tank, what you could do is surround his tank with some colorful objects....action figures, small stuffed animals, other random little objects you can find...or even move his or another tank nearby(maybe a few feet away)so he can see some movement and not get bored.
You could also get some plastic craft mesh at the craft store and sew a small piece in a circle with a little cotton string or some fishing line to make a tunnel for him to swim in and out of, or perhaps get him a new silk plant or two or a cave to explore while you're away to keep him occupied.

So, there are a lot of things you can do without going though the whole hassle of taking him with you, which could be quite stressful on both you and him. You want to enjoy your vacation I'm sure, get out and go do things, not spend most of it worrying over your little guy. ;)
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