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First bubble nest! Odd story..

So my baby boy Samson FINALLY made his first bubble nest. I have had him for a couple months, and have done everything in my power to try and coax him into blowing me a nest, but I haven't had success until this point. The story is a little odd, though..

Yesterday, while I was doing my usual inspection of Samson and the tank, I noticed that he had a big chunk of his top fin missing! The only thing I think might have caused the damage is the filter uptake, because I've never seen him bite his own fins, and all my decorations (aside from the gravel) are smooth or silk. Additionally, he used to hang around the filter a lot, and since I've noticed the tear, he doesn't seem to get near the filter at all.

Anyway, I immediately took Samson out, did a 100% water change, along with gravel cleaning and added some AQ salt to the water to prevent infection. I was a little worried because he seemed rather melancholy at the bottom of his tank once I put him back in, and the damage appeared to affect his swimming. However, I went to sleep that night and woke up this morning to Samson's first ever bubble nest! So even though he lost part of his beautiful fins, it's good to know he's still happy and healthy!

Here is a photo! Forgive the quality, it was taken with my phone.
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That's great! If the current of the filter was strong though, that was probably what deterred him in the first place. :)
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I remember how proud I was of Severus when he made his first one. I was so proud of my baby. That's great though, and I really love that cup in the tank, it looks so cool!
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Lamb, I hope that wasn't the case! The filter I use actually isn't the one that came with the tank he is in. I had to switch to my smaller filter from my previous tank because the filter that came with this one was far too strong and knocked him around everywhere, poor baby. :( But I've used some of the plants to hopefully block the flow of the filter. Any other suggestions?

Happyhobbit, thanks! We actually found the cup in our back yard when we first moved in. It was kind of randomly sitting there. I thought it was a good size and smooth enough for Samson so I cleaned it and popped it in the tank! P.S. I LOVE that your betta is HP-themed, I'm a big fan myself.
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