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Upsidedown cat + veiltail

so ive got a new 10g. im new to the aquarium scene but have been doing TONS of research. i bought a betta today and fell in love :)). i also bought an upsidedown catfish, a legit Nigriventris, and he's being just that, a nigr LOL JK(im black). i bought him knowing theyre schoolfish, i just wanted to test compatibility. but yeah every once in a while when the betta cruises near the cat he will chase the betta for a second. the betta will not fight back, just run. and it doesnt happen everytime they encounter eachother but kinda often, maybe 6/10(chance). im worried he will nip and ruin my sexy bettas tail. ive read they do alright with betta's, but then ive heared contradicting stories. so my question; should i allow them to acclimate themselves and maybe just get used to eachother, or immediately send that bizzitch to the cleaners(aka my pops tank(hes got another UDC))?
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the otehr thing im worried about is the UDC is nocturnal, so will it just harass my betta while its trying to rest and then cause more serious problems?
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I'm not sure about a shoal of UDC in a 10 gallon, from where I'm reading they say that a 20g is best for a group of them, but you could try it in a 10g. Four of them is the bare minimum for a group, but keep in mind they grow up to 4" long, they're pretty big fish for a 10g.

Also the reason why your UDC could be showing hostility towards your Betta is because it's alone, like most shoaling fish they're extremely shy and might show some aggressiveness when kept alone or when the group is not big enough for them to feel comfortable.

If you don't return the UDC or don't add anymore to form a shoal it might nip your Betta's fins in the future.
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