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Old 01-12-2007, 01:08 PM   #1 
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Bettas with tetras?

I'm pulling my unfortunately aggressive male betta out of his tank and putting him in a 10 gallon. His current tankmates are 2 gouramis--the target of his aggression--and 5 tetras. Will it be safe in his new tank to put some tetras in there, or will he start chasing them around, too?
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probably chase them around cuz they are colorful and the bettta may percieve them as a threat to finding mates. but maybe you can see how it goes. the tetras will tick him off though cuz theyll probably be nipping his giant tail
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I keep betta(s) with tetras. At first you may have some aggressive behavior, but IMHO they will be OK together.
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tetras should be fine. if any thing there much faster hen the betta
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The thing you have to watch for with bettas and tertas is less the betta chasing the tetras and more the tetras nipping the betta's fins. Tetras can be pretty nippy sometimes. YMMV.
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