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Question Hi, newbie needing some help

I am planing on starting up a Betta tank soon, and I have some questions about tanks, heaters, exct, which I could not find clear answers for in my prior reaserch about Bettas.

I know that the larger the tank the better, but I would like to start small.
Would the mini bow 2.5 be a good habitat for a Betta?
Is the induced filter too strong for them? Overall is this a decent quality tank? Or are there any other recommendations on a good small tank?

Also, I know that a heater is needed to keep the Betta healthy and happy. Is the Hydor Mini Aquarium heater a good buy? Will it cause the temperature in the tank to change to dramatically? And if i use lighting in the tank too, will it cause the water temperature to be too unstable?

And what are the pros and cons of using live vs silk plants? Id like to use real ones because I've read that they help cut down on nitrate levels, which I know are really nasty in high amounts in fish tanks, but are they difficult to maintain?

Finlay, how exactly do you get the water ready for a new tank? And how do you cycle a tank? And what exactly dose it do for a tank?

Thank you in advance for all of the help : D
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i would tell you but i just got my betta today so.... yea
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I can answer some of your questions. A 2.5 gallon tank will be fine for your betta. A Hydor mini heater will keep the temperature around 76 degrees or so but they aren't adjustable so you can't control the temp. I don't really know about plants. Someone with experience will have to tell you about them but I think they need the right substrate to grow in and the right lighting. Silk plants are fin. I have some in mine. I don't know anything about filters because I don't have any in my tanks. You WILL need one if you cycle. Cycling is the building up of beneficial bacteria in your tank . The bacteria converts ammonia into less harmful compounds. You can google fishless cycling and find some info about it. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.
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