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Stress Stripes

I'm just full of questions today! Leslie is kept in my sons room so I have to walk her to the kitchen to change her water. Not too far but as soon as I picked her up those stripes came back and she lost her color. She's still like this and I'm sure she'll perk back up once she gets settled. So are some bettas just prone to these stress marks or does it happen to all bettas? Is that a sign that she's unhealthy or has underlying problems? Or is it just like how humans can get pale or sick looking when they're under stress?
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I've never had that problem with mine but I had one male (my first one) who absolutely HATED water changes. No matter what I did to make it easier on him, he would just hang at the top, unmoving, for an hour or so, then he'd be ok. I guess some get stressed more easy than others like people. lol
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try taking a glass and filling it with her old water and when you're ready for a change take her out (while in your sons room) and put her in there and leave her untill you come back with her clean tank (: thats what i do with mine and ive never had a problem.
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one of my bettas, crumb, is pretty bomb proof. nothing bothers him and he never gets stress stripes. I can chase him around the tank with my finger and he'll chase me right back. the other one, bluey, pales everytime i change his water, even though i don't take him out of the tank. the one time i did a 100% water change, i put him in a 1 gallon tank to hang out, and he turned almost gray. he hates change with a passion, it seems. I think it just depends on the betta. they all have their own personalities.
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