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Question Betta Owner By Accident

I was at a wedding last night and at each table there was a center peace of a vase with a lily and a Betta in it. I took it home last night and figured it can't be a good environment for the fish so I dug out a old goldfish bowl from 20 years ago and cleaned it out and filled half with tap water and let it sit over night, this morning I put the fish and half the water from the vase into its new home. He seems to be doing okay, he's swimming/moving around the bowl so I'm guessing thats a good sign that he keeps moving. The center peace came with a little bag of food and gave him a couple of flakes this morning and he ate them right away. Here's a picture of the little guy and wondering what else I can do to keep him happy without dropping a lot of cash?

P.S - I read the Betta fish FAQ/Guide so I think I'm on the right track.
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Hello & welcome to the forum. He is a very pretty betta.
You may want to buy some dechlorinater. Some water companies use chloramine and letting the water sit, will not remove it.
Of coarse he would love a larger tank with a heater, but for now he will be fine in the bowl with a few water changes a week.
Good luck with him! I am sure you did not expect to come home with a fish!
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crowntail lover
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Hello. And welcome!
Tap water is still no okay for the fish...They need water conditionar! :]
You can find it at WalMArt, PEtsmart, or any LPS...Most members (including myself) use a type called Prime..This will take the clorine out of the water and prevent bacteria...:] But if you cant find this look for a type used for Bettas only! This will cover all the needs as well.
Also. If he stops eating the flakes (not tasty) then you can look for a Betta pelet. Found at Walmart, Petsmart, LPS! The flakes are also very messy, so I would incourage you to use the pelet.
Brands to look for
It looks to me that he is in a 1 gallon bowl/Vace.
You should clean the water 100% 2 times a week..This will prevent diseases!
Good Luck!
I hope this helps
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Definitely get water conditioner asap. I would highly suggest getting something larger if you are able to. At a min. 2.5 gallons.
A heater is necessary unless you can keep the water around 78 degrees so you'll need a thermometer. They are really cheap and can be found at Walmart, Petsmart and the like.
The flakes are fine, but can be messy. Be sure to take out any remaining food. Pellets aren't messy and they tend to love the stuff! :)
They like hiding spots, so maybe get him a plant or too.
keep up with the water changes and he'll be a happy Betta. Good luck! He is a very handsome little guy!
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So how long should he be okay in the 1gallon bowl for with regular water changes? It maybe a few weeks before I can get him a new home if he last that long, and I don't know how long he was in the lily vase for, I know he was in there a day for sure but there was a bit of poop at the bottom so as far as I can tell he's been in there for longer before I moved him to the bowl.
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He'll be ok in the vase for awhile as long as water changes are kept up with.
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