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Funny Fish Stories

I didn't know where this goes, but I wanted to open the thread. Today I was putting the finishing touches on my new aquarium and I went to go make a sandwich, when I come back, there is water all over the floor. I thought the aquarium was leaking (the biggest fear, I got it second hand and a lizard lived in there) so I began to freak-getting towels and I went out to get more and noticed the water going in an odd pattern to my parents' room. I notice the cat, wet and confused sitting there. So I grab her and began to dry her off (not that she liked that). So the tank is fine, the cat is somewhere hiding and I have wet towels on my floor lol luckily the fish weren't in there yet lol
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The cat decided to go fishing?lol
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only in her mind there were no fish in there lol
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Thats so funny!
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Red Betta
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Haha pretty funny.

One time I dropped a pellet into the tank and the betta just watched it slowly fall, and I got really close to the tank to watch and when he looked up and saw me he jumped back, he didnt' run and hide he jumped back just like when you sneak up on a person, it was really funny.
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My betta Zac is crazy. He attacks the tank and he also attacks his food. He swims around like a manic.
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Red face

Oh I have MANY stories of my boy.

Tian-Tian is such a punk with filters. He loved his Whisper filter that he had when I first brought him home... after a month in that tank I upgraded to his current 2.5 gal. tank. I bought a different filter for that tank and he began to ATTACK IT by flaring, head-butting it and just putting on quite the show! So I took it out for his safety and he's been a happy Betta since (though this requires more water changes from me... but maybe he just likes the attention).

About a week ago, I got some ghost shrimp and feeder guppies to see if I could add them for company. At first, Tian-Tian was bullied by the ghost shrimp (they collectively ganged up on him like the crabs in "Finding Nemo". It was actually really funny to watch). He eventually chased them under his castle and the guppies had nowhere to hide (because the shrimp wouldn't let them hide with them). So now Tian-Tian is alone again... but he seems the happier for it. Weird fish. (The guppies and ghost shrimp have since been relocated to an outdoor tank that we have for our 10" Comet goldfish)

One thing Tian-Tian does that always gets me to smile... wherever I've slept, Tian-Tian has usually been within eyesight of my bed. At night, after feeding, I turn out the lights and he goes to sleep in either his grass or his castle. When I wake up in the morning, the moment I start moving a little, I can see him start swirling and swimming all over his tank excitedly. It makes me so happy!

When I first put him in the new 2.5 gal. tank, I had white gravel and blue marble stones. He saw his reflection in one of these marbles and it was really funny to watch him attack it, look it over, and then swim away, apparently disgruntled that it was just his reflection.

When I was still living in the dorm, I'd be gone from the room at class all day. When I would get home, I'd open the door and see him sitting on my desk, sleeping in his plants. The moment I'd get a little closer he'd wake up and start pacing the length of his tank like a puppy.

His tank sat right by my computer, so off and on I'd catch him staring over my shoulder at my screen. The moment he'd notice I was observing him, he'd swim away.... but always came back. Especially when I'd be watching Youtube videos!

Perhaps my favorite moment of all... when I first brought him home. I'm sure he was scared to death and unsure of what was gonna happen to him. I had turned out the lights so as not to shock him (and it was late evening when I got back from the pet store). I set up his tank, complete with plants and the like, and set him near it. I then turned on the LED light.... and guys, it was like watching a wide-eyed child looking at a Christmas tree full of presents. It was so cute. He literally pressed his face against the side of his cup and was so excited about all of his new space.

So there's some stories of my boy (sans the epic tales of how I had to nurse him back to health repeatedly due to some neglect on the store's part and a severe case of reoccuring ich and fungus).

But he's all good now. I've moved him downstairs into our dining room so that he gets a little bit more traffic. At the moment he's just chilling in his little castle. Silly fish!
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