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Question Setting up a new betta aquarium. Need advice

Hi I am planing on setting up a 5 of 10 gallon (not sure yet) aquarium for 1 male and some female bettas with some shrimp (hopefully red cherry shrimp if I can find a local suplier) and I need some advice on betta preferences.

1.What kind of substrate gravel or sand?

2.Planted of unplanted? What kind of plants?

3.How many females for a 5 gallon? For a 10 gallon?

4.Will i need some other kind of alge eater besides the shrimp? If so what kind?

5.Which is better Live food vs. Frozen vs. Freeze dried?

6.What kind of filter if i use Sand? If i use Gravle (gravel filter of external)?

7.Do i need a heater?

Feel free to answer and or all of the above. Any extra knowledge you have please share to.
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Well, I would never house a male and female Betta ever. (unless they are breeding).
Females only work together in groups of 4-5 or more in 10+ gallons. They'd have to live alone and in most cases they don't work. (I tried to make a sorority and it failed).
You can, however, divide a 10 gallon and put one female in one side and a male in the other (or a variance of that).
I would suggest having a heater because they need the water temp to be between 78-80 degrees F. You might only need it for winters though.
The best algae eaters to get would probably be Cories. Otos would work fine in an established tank (although if they like algae wafers, they will be fed well without worrying if there is enough algae in the tank).
Live food should be avoided because of the potential bacteria it can spread to your fish. Freeze dried works just fine. I would try Betta pellets for a start. I prefer Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets because they are the only pellets my picky eaters would eat.
You could have freeze dried bloodworms around as a once a week treat for them.
I hope that helps! Good luck!
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I wouldn't put males and females together, either.
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