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Old 06-11-2009, 09:12 PM   #1 
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Unhappy My poor baby Meshu-->stupid cats!!:(

Today I come home from work only to find that my roomate opened my bedroom door thus allowing her stupid cats into my room with my three little bettas Meshu's tank was on the floor cracked from the fall from his stand, and he was barely swimming around in a corner piece in barely any water with the Evil Furry Thing standing over him. I swear I almost threw the cat into the door, I couldn't get it out of the area fast enough!Luckily one of my other tanks is a divider tank so I was able to get him into safe water pretty fast. After making sure he was in a clean environment, I checked him over for any injuries and sure enough, he has one long scratch along his left side and his scales are all scraped up and one of his fins are torn. He seems to be swimming and eating alright so far(I fed him shortly after)but Im still worried about his overall condition.If anyone has any suggestions as to anything I can do to make things easier for him or anything else that I should watch out for, please let me know!
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That's terrible! I personally do not like cats, so I know what you mean.
I would probably separate him into some sort of quarantine tank so you can medicate him without bothering the other fish.
Then I would probably use something like Jungle Fungus Eliminator (I've only found it online) or something easier to find like Bettafix.
I've heard good and bad about Bettafix, but it worked fine with my guy. He really hated it though, and I had to clean his tank really well after treating him (another reason to put him in a quarantine).
Good luck, I hope he starts healing soon!
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I would also reccommend Jungle Fungus Eliminator or Bettafix. Keep his water clean and keep an eye on him. I think I'd have something to say to my roommate for opening my bedroom door without my permission.
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Old 06-12-2009, 12:05 AM   #4 
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oh man, i'm glad hes ok! i agree with dramaqueen and angelicscars, just keep his water clean and treat him with bettafix or the jungle fungus eliminator. my little sister did the same thing, i always keep my door shut because i have a cat. she's in the high school brat stage so she decided she wanted to get something from my room, because apparently everything i own is hers too, and didn't shut my door and my cat got in. i got home right as i found my cat on my desk taking a peek, and went to freak out but luckily she has no interest in my fish what so ever. thank god.
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WOW! I'm glad you found your fish alive at least!!! Hopefully once you treat him with the meds and clean water frequently he'll start to heal. I hope he makes a full recovery. Good luck :]
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