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New owner! Questions re: partial water changes & too many bubbles

Hi! I bought my son his first betta today. He's a beautiful Crowntail. We named him Luke (for Luke Skywalker). DS is a Star Wars fan. Anyway, I've read how to do full water changes in many places. But then I've also read to NEVER do full water changes.

We're keeping Luke in a 2.5 gallon tank with a filter. My first question has nothing to do with water changes...the filter is making way too many bubbles on the top of the tank. Is there something I can do to stop this? I'd like to continue to use the filter as he seems like like the current. I'd just like to slow the flow down a little bit so the bubbles don't overwhelm the tank. I noticed this before I ever put him in it. There was about a half-inch of bubbles in the tank covering the entire surface!

My second question is regarding partial water changes. Can someone walk me through how to do them? I'm sure it's easy but I want to make sure I do them properly. I've done a search here but don't see anything describing the process. I know I can leave him in there but as for the easiest way to get the water out and replace the water while leaving the temp pretty consistent (we're using a heater to keep the water around 80-degrees), etc.

Also, with the 2.5 gallon, do I need to do 25% or 50% changes and how many times a week or a month? I just keep seeing so many different answers when I do searches.

Thank you so much. This is a great forum!

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Add a filter and youll never have to do complete water changes.

You need to use a gravel vacuum for partial water changes. This might sound disgusting but here's how to do partial water changes:

1. Take your gravel vacuum and put the thick end in the tank and push it down to the gravel.

2. Take the end part of your vacuum hose in your mouth and suck like you're drinking.

3. Before the water gets in your mouth place the end of the hose in a bucket (placed on the floor).

4. Dump the water and replace the water with water of the same temperature and pH.
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I have a filter, as stated in the original post. :) That's interesting. I'd have never thought to do that! So how do I get the water to the same temp? Just adjust from the faucet and get another under-water thermometer to make sure and add my Prime conditioner? How many times a week for this size tank? Thanks!
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For a 2.5 gallon, I'd do partial changes once a week and a full change once a month. I have a 4 gallon uncycled tank and thats what I do.
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