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Actually it would be easier to do 100% water changes if you do it this way.. Get a small cup to scoop him into. Scoop him out, dump the water out, put in a little water to rinse the gravel around until its clean and dump the water. Regulate the water temperature to the same temp as his tank using your thermometer, fill the tank back up, add water conditioner and put him back in. It should only take about 5 min for a tank that size. :). It's also important when doing water changes, that the temperature of the new water is the same temperature as the old water you dumped out. Otherwise it can stress them out.

If you can, I'd look into getting him a little bit bigger tank and heater when it starts to get cool out. You can't really put a heater in a 1.5 gallon tank and bettas do best at a temperature of 78 80. Hope this helps.

One more thing- make sure your cover your tank because bettas like to jump!
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Alright I changed his water yesterday and got the water as close to the old water temp as I could. He is still swimming and flaring like nothing is wrong. But his water has become a little cloudy. (can't remember if I said that his water became a little cloudy before) I'm pretty sure it is bacterial bloom? Ammonia? Is it ok for the water to cycle while he is in it? I'm going to do 50% water changes every 2 days now because I read somewhere it isn't good to do a 100% water change when it is cycling? Sushi is eating and being very active, he just has to wait for the pellets to become soft. There were small bubbles on the glass and there are a lot of bubbles coming out of the top of my whisper i3 filter. I can't really afford a bigger tank. :c His temp stays very stable and we have a heater in our room that could help.
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illness, noob help

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