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5 Gallon Betta tank

I have a 5 gallon tank that currently contains 1 oto and used to contain my betta, Fiero. Fiero passed on, and I am trying to make plans for the tank.

I know a 5 gallon tank isn't ideal for multiple fish and a 10 gallon would be better. I have looked at other threads about 5 gallon tanks and all I see is "Get a 10 gallon." A ten gallon tank is in my future, but I don't have space for it now and want to set up my 5 gallon (it is making me sad looking at Fiero's somewhat-empty home).

I want to get 2 female bettas and live plants. I am fine with putting in the time needed to keep everyone alive (Fiero was spoiled; he died very suddenly). Is that impossible to do?
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Sena Hansler
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Females must be kept in groups of 4 or more in a 10 gallon or bigger to avoid aggression, injuries and even death.

For two females, it's safer to divide. :) One or the other will snap, and injure/kill the other. I know some people have said "my two females are "fine" together". Just because they are "fine" won't mean anything. It means they could be doing better, in other word great!

Live plants are awesome. Some hardy ones: java fern, marimo moss, swords... I love them.
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