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HELP!?! Darting a sign of illness??

Hi All,
The internet really does cause a lot of anxiety!!

My fish is super active and has been ever since I first brought him home swimming most of the day and resting when I leave my office (he is usually napping in his log when I come back from a meeting or lunch.

One of his main things to do is dart back and forth along the front of the fish tank. Is this normal?? (he does it ALOT) some people say yes, others say it's because he's sick... He eats great, is interactive and doesn't hide (when not swimming like a speed swimmer he chills and watches me work and builds bubble nests. He doesn't clamp his fins either...

He's in a cycled filtered heated 5Gal tank and partial water changes are done weekly with gravel vacuuming.

Is he sick ? He has a few white spots on his face (to the right of his eye) but they have been there since he was a baby and haven't changed or spread... See below..

Also on his back fin I don't believe its fin rot, He's has some blue that looks black in the photo but is actually a purple when it layers on the red. It's blue when fanned out and this has not changed at all in the past 4 weeks or so. I am adding another photo below to show how it looks when fanned out. (He's smelling his flowers lol)

Thanks for the opinions and help! This is stressful :(
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Darting around as in begging for food or darting as in frantically swimming back and forth.

when did you purchase him? did you do a preventative anti-parasite treatment at all?

he looks healthy but sometimes parasites like ich and velvet can take a few weeks to show up. lots of petstore fish have them because they transfer easily through nets, plants and just about anything wet.

excellent tank setup btw :)
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He's darting back and forth at the front of the bowl and sometimes the side I am at.. It could actually be begging for food since he does it while I am there and once I feed him he does stop doing it...

He is super active and I am feeding him about 4 Hikari Bio Gold perfectly sized pellets per day (breakfast and supper) and a small piece of either blood worm or daphnia at lunch (about the size of a pellet. They are a lot smaller than normal pellets, maybe I have to increase that? He also attacks his food like a starving person given a roast chicken (sorry for the example but that's how he eats lol!)

I did not do any pre treatments on him and have had him for 4 weeks now. I went to the store and bought a betta first aid kit and some aquarium salts just in case. I will try increasing his food a tad and see if that makes a difference.

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