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Fish food cubes

So my female betta has started to not try an eat anything again. She sits at the bottom of her hospital tank and I'm a little worried because she's hasn't had a lot to eat.

So I was wondering if those weird 7 day betta food cubes are any good/should I try them.

I've tried everything from freeze dried blood worms, red grubs, flakes, pellets and frozen brine shrimp. I'm running out of ideas to try and get her to eat ):

I thought she was getting better but I've seen a little decline the last couple of days. She's pretty lethargic, but everything's in check; the water temperature is at a set 80 degrees I'd imagine the pH is about at 8.0 because I haven't found any effective method to lower it safely. I've cleaned the tank every day since I discovered she has internal parasites, gave her salt baths and medicated her. Her feces is no longer white but it is sometimes stringy and often seems rather mucusy, although lately she doesn't poop as often. So I'm worried ):

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Those cubes are only meant to be an "over the weekend feed!" sort of deal. They dissolve in the water and release freeze dried food(usually worms) for the fish. It is not somehting that will help with disease.

As for parasites change the water daily, use medication and give daily salt baths. If your betta doesn't eat for a few days it will not die because of that. Still put food in daily(right before yo uplan on cleaning)to see if she will eat it
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