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Talking Brand New Betta!


I am a newbie to this website and really to Betta Fish in general (last time I had a Betta was probably in 2003, 2004).

On Tuesday (August 20th) I bought a Female Crown Tail Betta from my local pet store. She is a tiny little fish, so I assume she isn't fully grown! I had first been feeding her with the pellets, but I noticed she would start to chew one, and then spit it out almost as if her mouth was too small. So, I went back out today and bought some flakes, and she still is spitting them out! I'm afraid she isn't eating! Any ideas on what to do?

I will be taking her to college with me on the 29th as well, so if anyone has some tips on college fish, please let me know!

Thank you!

This is her!
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Hiya! Welcome to the forum! As for her eating what I do with my betta is crush the flakes to smaller pieces so he can choose his portions. Plus it's normal for a new fish to avoid eating. I mean think, if you just got moved to a new house you'd explore it until satisfied. Betta's can last a week without eating so don't get too crazy.(;
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Hi. I have a small female that I just got too, and she's doing the same thing with her pellets. The pellets (Omega One Betta Pellets) are maybe a tad smaller than her eye. I am worried that the pellets are too big for her to swallow. Good luck with your betta.
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When I first got my betta, he was very picky about food, and wouldn't eat. I fasted him for two days, and then started feeding him some WalMart-bought betta food. I did notice that he would try to eat them, but they were really big and he couldn't! I broke them into 1/2 pieces with my thumbnail and fed them, and then invested in some good New Life Spectrum pellets, which are much smaller, and he loved them

If you think the pieces are too big, try making them smaller and seeing if your fish is just picky. If she is just picky, try fasting her a little while, and then she'll probably eat just fine. Most people say flakes aren't as good, but some fish may like them. I can't see a picture of her, so I'd just like to make sure you have a heater for her. What size tank is she in?

Also, in regard to bringing her to a dorm (assuming you'll be living in one). First, make sure whatever size tank you have is allowed in your dorm. You should be fine, but some dorms are picky about the size. Next, talk to your roommate about your betta. You may want to let them know what is normal in a betta, so they don't think something is wrong with it and try to "help" it, in whatever way that could be. Maybe just make a rule in regard to other people not being able to touch your betta-goods, not feeding your fish unless you say they may, or ask them to, etc?

As you get to know your roommate better (if you don't already), they may be able to feed it for you if you go home for a weekend, etc, so that's always helpful.

In regard to moving your betta TO college, what I have done is kept my betta in his 1.5 gallon tank, but only had about 1/3 the water in it, with no plants, rocks, etc. If you are driving, place the bowl/tank in a box lined with towels so it can't move at all. If you're not driving, I would just keep the bowl/tank on your lap (depending on the size). When I move in to college this semester, I plan on using a very small bowl to transport him (about 1/3 of a gallon) just so he has less room to sploosh around in. Hope that helped!
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college, crown tail, feeding, female, help me figure it out

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