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My Fish Experience Journal

Hello everyone! I decided I'll be starting a journal. I admit, I'm quite new to the site and did not even know how to start a post Lol! But let me introduce you guys to my tanks (I hope my pictures upload oh lord..)

Size: 20 Gallon tank
Contains: Neon tetras, guppies, endlers, swordtails, SAE, Assassin snails.
Plants: The only one I can remember is micro sword...It is my favorite.
I have a large piece of mopani wood in there and some rocks. I love the natural look.

Size: 5 Gallon tank
Contains: Half moon betta named Kiko
Plants: Once again i only remember micro sword sorry xD
I have some Malaysian wood in there and real & fake plants and a betta log and leaf hammock and a rock.

Size: 10 Gallon tank
This is where my new experience will start. This tank has nothing in it anymore. It has been cycling for awhile, I had some fry in there before. Now I really want to make use of the tank now. My idea was to get some dwarf puffers. Im really interested in them. As you can see I have only some blue gravel which I plan on changing to black gravel (if its okay for puffers not to have sand)

I plan on getting 2-3 DP I hope all female. Problem is im not sure if Big Al's will have them. Im going to look next weekend and if not I'll ask a manager to order them for me :/ I really hope they have them. I want to make their tank beautiful with some caves and a lot of plants Hopeffully better than my current ones. Any tips about puffers would be great - thanks Arghhh! I had a snail army attack my 20 gallon and I got my assassin snails to kill them, now i found out DP love to eat them. man, who knew I would want those buggers back.

This is Kikos 5 gallon! I might want to get him some shrimp but hes really vicious towards me even :( During the photo i actually saw him go to nip at his tail which was pretty sad, I changed thins around today so hes not bored.. sigh
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This is my 20 gallon tank, I just re decorated it today and I'm not sure if I like it... I want to get wayyyy more plants. But the fish seem to love going under the rocks.
Name:  IMG_7679.JPG
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Finally, the 10 gallon. Looks like it has 0 potential, even worse because the hood broke.. need to buy a new one. I plan to change it entirely I hope this will be my best tank
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I hope you guys enjoy reading about my fish life :)
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