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How should I go about this? (Maracyn fin rot treatment.)

Alright, my male betta has fin rot. I've tried salt already and haven't had any improvement, it's still slowly getting worse. I'd like to try treating with Maracyn 1 and 2 but I have a few options and I'm not sure which is best.

My betta is currently in a 5 gal that has no cycle because I've been doing 100% water changes and the filter's been unplugged. I'm worried that if I can't change the water within the 5 day treatment, there'll be way too much ammonia build up.

I have a cycled 10 gal that I can move him to for the treatment, but there's currently a clown pleco in it, (I know, I'm upgrading soon,) and I've heard that Maracyn can make the biological filter crash. My worry is that if it crashes my pleco is going to help contribute to an even bigger ammonia build up than there would be in the 5 gal.

I could maybe move the pleco to the 5 gal...

What would you guys do? Is there a treatment other than Maracyn that you would recommend instead? Thanks a lot in advance.
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Well, the first question is whether the fin rot is aggressive enough to merit an antibiotic. Most cases will clear up with just lots of clean, warm water.... And if that doesn't work, adding Aquarium salt (1 tsp/gal) for about a week is often effective....

However, since you specifically asked about treating with antibiotics, I'll discuss some options for that.....

I would leave him in the 5 gal tank. Remove the media from the filter. The antibiotics will kill the BB (Beneficial Bacteria) on it.

Do a 100% water change, add the Maracyn TWO (see explanation below). Then acclimate him to the new water. If possible, test your water during the 5 day treatment time. You should be able to let a 5 gal tank go for five days without building up a lot of ammonia. Bettas don't produce the same amount of wastes as some other fish, and he's the only one in the tank. IMO, you should be fine.

Most fin rot is caused by gram negative bacteria. Maracyn 2 (minocycline) is effective against this type of bacteria. Maracyn (erithromycin) is effective on gram positive bacteria. Therefore, IMO, the Maracyn 2 would be the better option.

But again, IMO, treating with clean, warm water is the first thing I would try. Antibiotics (and aquarium salt) are harsh on their systems. They cause the internal organs, especially the liver and kidneys, to work overtime. This causes stress on the fish, and can leave them susceptible to other diseases, etc..... However, if it's an aggressive fin rot, or you've already tried other options, then yes, I would go ahead and use antibiotics.
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Thanks so much for the reply!

I have actually already tried just plain clean water every day, and then when that didn't work I did the salt treatment but I've reached the end of that and he's still not better, which is why I'm going for Maracyn now.
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