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Indigo Fish
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Hello all! I've long been a lurker here on the forums, gleaning information from various posts and popping in when I had questions that I was sure someone else had asked before me. I've been keeping Betta since I was in college (almost 15 years now... god I feel old saying that) and recently decided I wanted to get into breeding. Haven't tried to spawn yet but hopefully will in the next few weeks and decided to set up an account and become a participating member here for any questions/problems that might crop up.

Currently I have 2 male VTs (pet store grade from before the decision to breed), and I've been setting up a planted sorority tank of 3 HM's thanks to a donation of girls from a friend of mine who breeds them. Now I'm just waiting on a few good men to arrive from the shippers I had pondered doing a trial breeding with one of the pet shop boys but decided it would be better to wait then to risk getting poor quality fish I can't do anything with anyways.

Anyhow. Don't mind me, I'll just be rearranging the furniture and making myself comfortable in the corner somewhere ^-^
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Welcome to the forum! You should consider getting a few more females for your sorority. What size tank are they in? I'm sure we'd all love to see some pics of your bettas!!! :D I'm gonna be doing my first spawning in a few weeks too! I'm gonna start conditioning my pair on Monday, since ill be gone this weekend I've gotta wait a few more days.
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Welcome to the forum! I'd also recommend getting one or two more females for your sorority (to spread out any aggression) but if your tank can only support three bettas then I'd just watch them carefully to make sure one female isn't getting picked on too much.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Indigo Fish
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Thanks guys! Here's the set up for the girls:

It's a 10 gallon tank that I have plans to add a few more smaller plants (still trying to decide what. Local shop didn't have a huge selection and will probably have to order something from online) to the front and some flame moss to the driftwood. And I have another 3 girls on the way and then I think I'll hold off for a while, see if I get any good keepers out of my breedings.

As for pics of my fish, please excuse the poor quality. The girls and the one male were really active so I had a hard time getting clear shots of them. I'll try again later, see if I can catch them a little later when they might be calmer.

This one is my daughters fish, Dusk. He lives in a 5 gallon hex tank on her night stand. I catch her sometimes at night laying up watching him swim around

Here's one of the girls who wouldn't come out and be friendly, but I actually kinda like the way this one came out. She's cute in her shyness, so I'm posting anyways.

This is the one that I think is marble. I say think because I'm not up on all the terms. Until a few months ago terms like "butterfly" and "salamander" didn't apply to betta for me. The pic doesn't really show the dark marks/spots on her sides to well because again, she refused to sit still. Then again she could be dalmation. As I said I'm not really sure what you would call it. I'll try to get a better image so someone who knows can properly identify, or maybe I'll call my friend and ask him to explain it again lol

Here's the "marble" and the shy one when she came out for a moment. My friend says they're from the same spawn, but shy girl doesn't have the dark splotches on the body and her fins are more irridescent where the "marble" has more red/purple to hers.

I also have a female with red fins and the light body, I guess what they call Cambodian? But she wouldn't leave the driftwood once I started getting pics. The other male is red but he was being difficult as well. As I said I'll try to get some more later. And of course when I get my new fish I'll be back to show them off
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